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EaseUS Compiles SSD and HDD Data


EaseUS, a software firm that specializes in data backup, recovery, and disk management, has revealed the results from two storage polls that reveal the most popular brands and capacities among consumers as well as how they utilize their drives. The surveys were conducted in the United States and the United Kingdom. The company polled 207,797 customers over the preceding three months to compile the data for the EaseUS Disk Drives Stats 1 report. The findings are based on an analysis of 754,142 devices, which include 346,477 solid-state drives (SSDs), 206,847 USB pen drives, and 200,818 hard drives.

The first pattern that EaseUS saw was that solid-state drives (SSDs) were becoming more popular than traditional hard drives. According to the findings, owners of SSDs accounted for 45.94% of drives, which is over twice as many as HDD users, who participated in only 26.62% of drives. On the other hand, the remaining 27.43% corresponded to USB pen drives. It should come as no surprise that SATA and NVMe are the most often used interfaces. SATA is still the most popular storage medium, with a usage percentage of 36.59%, compared to NVMe’s usage percentage of 17.64%. Surprisingly, 2.92 per cent of the users polled were still using the older IDE interface. However, there are also 36.5% that are grouped under the umbrella category of “other,” which almost certainly encompasses all of the USB drives.

Users using solid-state drives (SSD) and hard drives (HDD) have a very different range of capacity options to choose from. The capacity range of 256GB to 512GB was the most popular option for solid-state drives (SSDs), selected by 28.96% of users. The second most popular option was the 128GB to 256GB range, garnering 26.3% of the vote. When it came to HDDs, 40.7% of users had a hard drive with a capacity between 512GB and 1TB, 20.93% of users had a hard drive with a size between 256GB and 512GB, and only 14.1% opted for a hard drives with a capacity between 1TB and 2TB. Again, a significant 10.3% of SSD users fall into the “other” group, which includes storage capacities of 64GB or less as well as 1TB or more. Similarly, 24.3% of hard disk drives had a capacity of less than 256GB or greater than 2TB.

According to the poll results, the best solid-state drive (SSD) brands are Crucial, Kingston, and Samsung. The Crucial MX500 (500BB), the Kingston A400 (240GB and 480GB), the Samsung 980 Pro (1TB and 2TB), the Samsung 970 Evo Plus (1TB), and the Samsung 860 Evo (500GB) are some of the most popular hard drives now available. HDD users were most satisfied with Seagate, Toshiba, and Western Digital products, notably the 1TB models of the Seagate Barracuda, Toshiba DT01ACA100, and WD Blue. All three brands were available in the 1TB capacity. The survey found that Kingston and SanDisk were the most popular brands of USB pen drives.

EaseUS Compiles SSD and HDD Data

In the EaseUS Disk Drives Stats 2 report, the company EaseUS revealed the results of its research for the second quarter of 2023. The business analyzed 336,058 drives, including 205,889 solid-state drives (SSDs) and 130,169 hard drives, contributed by 207,797 individuals. There are around 36.81% of users who have two drives installed in their computers, whereas there are only 28.02% who only use one disk. Only a tiny fraction of customers (3.56%) have six or more drives in their computers.

As expected, most people save their data on a secondary drive and use an SSD as their primary drive. Only 25.81% of EaseUS’s users still utilise a platter drive, while 74.19% use solid-state drives (SSDs) as their primary storage device. Regarding day-to-day chores, such as booting the operating system and loading other software, solid-state drives (SSDs) provide performance that is noticeably superior to that of hard drives.