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Echo Shard and Recovery Compass in Minecraft snapshot 22w14a: Everything players need to know


Added to the Minecraft snapshot 22w14a are the objects echo shards and a recovery compass, both of which are totally new. Mojang did not make any announcements about them during the Minecraft Live events. These will be included as part of the new Deep Dark biome, which will be introduced in the future 1.19 The Wild Update.

With the release of Minecraft snapshot 22w14a, a new Mangrove Swamp biome has been added to the game, complete with mangrove trees and organically created mud blocks. This allows game developers to fine-tune the update and eliminate any problems or flaws before publishing the final version of the update.

How to obtain these items

In addition to being available in creative mode inventory, both of the new objects introduced with Minecraft snapshot 22w14a may be found and made in the world as well as in the game’s universe.

Echo Shards

The Echo Shard is a new item that looks similar to the amethyst shard, except it is black and dark aqua in colour instead of purple. When you loot chests in the Ancient Cities, you may come across one of these rare artefacts. Players can explore the depths of the Deep Dark environment in search of one of these constructions and the shards contained within them.

Recovery Compass

The Recovery Compass may be crafted once players have obtained the shards in Minecraft snapshot 22w14a. Once players have obtained the shards, they can proceed to crafting a second new item named Recovery Compass. Eight shards and one regular compass are required to create this item on a crafting table, which can be found in the crafting room.

The shards will be scattered over the compass in order to create. In addition to having a silver and blueish body, this particular compass will also feature a blue needle that will either spin randomly or point in one direction.