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Elden Ring player earns 86 million runes from invading another player, restarts the entire game


According to reports, one Elden Ring player won 86 million Runes as a reward for murdering another player. In a post on Reddit, user Fixo2 claims to have slaughtered another player after entering their virtual realm, and that they were awarded with about 86 million Runes for their efforts, which is a long cry from the 40,000 Runes required to level up once in the game.

When it came to choose how to spend the whole 86 million Runes that they had lately acquired in the game, the player was obviously paralyzed by choice, which was understandable. Following the original article’s comments section, several readers suggested that some of the Runes should be laundered via Patches, who is undoubtedly the type of guy you’d go to in The Lands Between for some less than savory business operations.

In reality, the player chose to start again from the beginning of the game with a new character. Although “Runes have lost all relevance,” their reaction implies that they’ve built a whole new character after purchasing every single Smiting Stone item in Elden Ring, despite the fact that “Runes have lost all significance.” They do not, however, wish to be separated from them. The fact that you will be able to enhance your weaponry over the following few hundred hours or so is unquestionably one means of assuring that you will be successful.