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Enshrouded Console & Admin Commands


Enshrouded commands

In this article we will give you a brief introduction about the enshrouded game and it’s commands.

Enshrouded, a fantastic survival game, entered the gaming scene on January 24, 2024. It clashes with the very popular Palworld, but Enshrouded has its own unique charm that you will love.


Enshrouded is not built-in console or command prompt for players to access. This means you can’t open a text box and type commands to trigger actions or change settings.

Platform and genre information:

You can play Enshrouded on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series It’s a mix of role-playing, fighting, shooting and adventure that will give you tons of fun things to do. At the moment, the game is in early access and you will be able to take part only in its development.

Console commands in Enshrouded:

If you’re hoping for cheat codes or commands to make things easier in Enshrouded. All we can say is that there aren’t any official ones for regular players at the moment. This includes when you play alone or on special game servers.

  1. Enshrouded Admin Commands:
    • If you manage a special server and then administrators can have some commands to control things. These are not for normal players and may be different on each server. But you need to be careful as unofficial listings online may not always be correct.
  2. Modded Commands:
    • Some players create extra things (mods) for Enshrouded and these may introduce some commands. It might let you do cool things like get more items or move around easily. But the use of mods can sometimes ruin the main game or break the rules on special servers.
  3. Future Possibilities:
    • The game makers may add official commands in the future. We don’t know for sure, but it’s something to watch out for in updates or expansions.


Best way to enjoy Enshrouded is to play it as-is. Even though there are no special commands in the the game. But the game, itself has a lot of interesting things to do. As Enshrouded grows during early access, new updates will introduce interesting features and then maybe you can have some commands.