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Alan Wake 2 – Car Puzzle Cult Stash Location


Many challenging puzzles in Alan Wake 2 call for some ingenuity to solve, but one in particular is very malevolent. There are 177 automobiles in the facility. Hence, the code to access the Alan Wake 2 car and bike stockpile is 1 7 7. I took shotgun ammunition, a flare, and a propane tank out of this stash; these are all helpful items to have before entering the Valhalla Nursing Home area because there are a lot of lethal dangers there. You may find the location of the Cult Stash in Alan Wake 2 by reading this article.

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What is the Correct Code for the Car Puzzle Cult Stash?

I can understand if you would rather not perform the math yourself. In Alan Wake 2, the automobile puzzle Cult Stash can be unlocked using the three-digit code 177. To unlock the stash, enter these numbers in this order. You are not even required to display your effort.

Since there are 177 cars in the fictitious plant, the code is 177. “But hold on, how are you aware of that?” I’m so happy that you asked. There are no tricks or insider information that you may utilize to your benefit—just simple math.

Alan Wake 2 - Car Puzzle Cult Stash Location

It resembles a high school algebra test almost perfectly because it provides wordplay and the formula to solve, requiring you to determine the solution on your own. It’s math time, so grab your calculators, a notebook, and thinking caps! Now that you are aware that the combination 177 is the right one, let’s examine why it is 177.

Car puzzle Cult Stash Location

After closing the Coffee World location in Watery, Saga can access this Cult Stash on her way to the Valhalla Nursery Home. You should be able to see Cult Stash icons on your map now that you’ve gained access to the Cult Hideout in the Kalevala Workshop, even though the Stash itself is in a relatively obscure position.

Alan Wake 2 - Car Puzzle Cult Stash Location

The icon corresponding with the letter “F” in “Bright Falls” at the top of the map by drawing a straight downward line designates this Cult Stash. You should find the cache easily when you get closer to the region shown on your map by the Cult cache Icon. In the middle of the woods, it’s in the back of an old red pickup truck that truly stands out like a sore thumb.


Where is the stash box in Alan Wake 2?

On the road outside the Elderwood Palace Lodge hotel, behind a box truck and some boxes, is where the Elderwood Palace Lodge cult stash appears in Alan Wake 2. Step out of the hotel and straight ahead down the road, Saga. You can see the stockpile if you look behind the white box truck.

Where is the stash key in Alan Wake 2 private cabin?

Proceed through the cabin on the left, then continue driving Saga Anderson from Alan Wake 2 northward until she passes a pickup truck. Switch on the flashlight and turn left to see a tree with a painted “2” in yellow. Gather the Stash Key for the Lake Cabins from the ground close to the tree’s base.

Does Alan Wake 2 have multiple endings?

An expanded alternate ending beyond the one found in the original plot is available in Alan Wake 2’s New Game Plus, also known as The Final Draft. It should be noted, though, that this does not imply that the game contains branching paths that allow for various endings to be reached in a single playthrough.

How many amps are in the Alan Wake 2 stash?

Three batteries (B1, B2, and B3) with a total charge of 1,600 Amps are indicated by the battery conundrum in Alan Wake 2.

What is the shotgun code in Alan Wake 2?

To unlock the shotgun padlock, enter code 739. It’s also the first of Saga’s many available Alan Wake 2 weaponry. To improve your shotty’s shadow-blasting prowess, keep an eye out for Alan Wake 2 lunch boxes.