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Enshrouded – How to Get Salt


In the ethereal world of Enshrouded, where mystique and magic converge, lies a coveted substance known as Salt. Much like its real-world counterpart, Salt in Enshrouded holds immense significance, catalyzing arcane rituals, a source of power, and a currency among the denizens of this enigmatic realm. In this comprehensive guide, we embark on a journey to uncover the secrets of acquiring Salt in Enshrouded, delving into the depths of its lore, unraveling intricate mechanics, and providing invaluable tips for aspiring adventurers.

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Understanding the Significance of Salt

Salt, in the context of Enshrouded, is more than just a mineral; it is a fundamental element that permeates every aspect of life within the game. From enhancing magical potency to binding otherworldly creatures, Salt is essential for practitioners of the arcane arts and revered by scholars, alchemists, and sorcerers alike.

The Origins of Salt

To comprehend the significance of Salt, one must delve into the annals of Enshrouded’s history. Legend has it that Salt was bestowed upon mortals by the Elder Gods themselves, imbued with the essence of primordial magic. Its discovery marked a pivotal moment in the development of civilization within the realm, shaping the course of history and unlocking untold mysteries.

How to Get Salt 

When you speak with the Hunter NPC in Enshrouded, she will tell you that Salt is needed to make better armor out of animal pelts. She will lead the way by indicating on your game map where the Egerton Salt Mines are.

Enshrouded - How to Get Salt

The Ancient Spire Challenge fast travel point is the best place to use the gliding method to get to the Salt Mines in Enshrouded. In your search for Salt, this route offers a quicker and more direct access to the mines. You can find these mines in the Shroud. When you’re in the Shroud, it’s important to pay attention to the timer and be prepared to take on some simple foes.

Enshrouded - How to Get Salt

For mining salt, the eastern portion of the mines is especially advantageous. It’s easily accessible from an exit, allowing for speedy entry and departure for productive mining. Do not forget to bring your pickaxe so you can mine the Salt.


What is Salt, and why is it important in Enshrouded?

Salt is a mystical substance imbued with potent magical properties in Enshrouded. It serves as a catalyst for arcane rituals, a source of power for practitioners of magic, and a valuable commodity within the game world.

How do I obtain Salt in Enshrouded?

Salt can be obtained through various means, including harvesting elemental nodes, completing ritualistic challenges, trading with mystical merchants, plundering ancient tombs and ruins, and unraveling mystical riddles and puzzles scattered throughout the game world.

Is there a limit to how much Salt I can accumulate?

There is typically no hard limit on the amount of Salt players can accumulate in Enshrouded. However, the availability of Salt may vary depending on factors such as player activity, resource respawn rates, and the outcome of in-game events. Additionally, inventory space and storage capacity may impose practical limits on Salt accumulation for individual players.


In the ever-shifting tapestry of Enshrouded, Salt serves as a beacon of power, a testament to the realm’s mystique and magic. As adventurers traverse its shadowy depths and unravel its enigmatic mysteries, the acquisition of Salt becomes not merely a means to an end but a journey of discovery, enlightenment, and self-discovery. So, gather your wits, steel your resolve, and embark on the quest to uncover the secrets of Salt in Enshrouded.