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Enshrouded – How to Save


Shrouded offers a novel and thrilling journey. Different modern games handle progress differently. While some are run-based and permadeath, others employ save points. If you’ve never played a survival game before, Enshrouded operates a little differently, which may lead you to believe that your progress has been lost. Making progress requires saving your work. You will learn how to save in enshrouded by reading this article:

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Does Enshrouded Save Your Progress?

In Enshrouded, a crimson light can be seen in the distance when you first enter the outdoors. The natural tendency is to go there immediately, but if you attempt that, you’ll tumble down a mountain. So, you’ll need first to make your way through some ruins.

Enshrouded - How to Save

If you pass away during the journey, you’ll return to where you started. If, on the other hand, you manage to navigate the winding path and decide to end the day, you might be left wondering where to store your work. On the other hand, you could not make it out of the ruins alive. When you emerge from the ruins, your stuff will remain intact and you can try again.

How to Save Your Progress

Oddly enough, Enshrouded doesn’t specify whether or not progress is automatically saved or how to save. However, when you use the ESC key to choose Return to Main Menu or Exit to Desktop from the in-game menu, Enshrouded saves your game.

Enshrouded - How to Save

Interestingly, you always load in at the closest Flame Altar from your previous location, no matter where in the game world you save your game. Ever since I discovered how the save system functions, I’ve made it a point to return to my base or complete my exploration before ending the game.

Enshrouded Save File Location

Enshrouded automatically backs up your save data via Steam cloud saves. On the other hand, if you navigate to C: -> Program Files (x86) -> Steam -> userdata -> [userID number] -> 1203620 -> remote, you can locate your local saves. A unique string of integers that will serve as your user ID. Because of this, I can only enter “user data” in the step above. When you click into the folder, though, that’s the only string of numbers there is.

Enshrouded - How to Save

Your saves are the numbered file(s) in the final folder created after the previous procedures. If you would like, you can delete them here, albeit the Steam Cloud will download them again. Alternatively, you can relocate them somewhere else to create a backup copy. Start Enshrouded, click Play, select a Private or multiplayer game, and then click Edit next to play on your world banner to erase your Enshrouded save and world permanently.

Next, select Delete. Therefore, there isn’t currently a solution to prevent in-game saves. Always utilize the in-game menu save function to ensure your progress is safeguarded. It’s really impossible to predict whether pressing Alt-F4 would permanently damage your saved data.


How many people can play Enshrouded?

Discover a large world, defeat tough enemies, construct opulent halls, and pave your own course in this cooperative survival action role-playing game for up to 16 players.

Will Enshrouded have NPCs?

In order to progress through the game Enshrouded, you must interact with the NPC characters. As soon as you can, unlock them all from the Springlands section. Then, complete their missions to advance your crafting skills at each round.

Is there PvP in Enshrouded?

Enshrouded is a survival game without player-versus-player gameplay, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t methods to harm other players. Although player contact is entirely cooperative, there have been allegations of some evil activities occurring during multiplayer sessions.

Can you play Enshrouded single player?

While it is possible to play the game offline and in cooperative mode, we strongly advise players to gather a group of friends—up to 16—before venturing into the Shroud.

How do I join friends in Enshrouded?

Select Join from the three options if you wish to join a friend’s world or an online game. You have the ability to search for servers and view all of the servers you can join here. Check the “only show friends session” box to join a friend’s session.