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How to get a Loom in Enshrouded – Loom Location


enshrouded loom location

In the vast world of Enshrouded, you can navigate through quests and uncover hidden treasures – it’s both thrilling and challenging. One such quest involves you in locating the elusive Loom, a valuable item you can access through the Hunter’s quests. However, you might find it a formidable task to locate the Weaver’s Cottage, where the Loom resides. This guide aims to provide a detailed walkthrough to smooth your journey in Enshrouded.

Locate the Weaver’s Cottage:

The Weaver’s Cottage, which houses the coveted Loom, sits on the far eastern side of the Enshrouded map. Specifically, you can find it east of the Ancient Spire Nomad Highlands fast travel point. Your journey becomes significantly easier if you’ve unlocked this point. Alternatively, if you’ve strategically placed altars in different locations, you can use them to fast travel closer to the designated area. The Weaver’s Cottage has a convenient location close to the Ocean’s Heart boss area, which a conspicuous red arrow on the map marks.

Prepare for a Challenge:

You need some preparation to enter this area because high-level enemies inhabit it. To navigate this successfully, you should equip yourself well, preferably be at least level 20, and arm yourself with decent gear. The enemies in this region can pose a significant threat, so approach with caution.

Navigating the Weaver’s Cottage:

Upon reaching the Weaver’s Cottage, a small two-story building, enter and turn left. Inside, you will see a set of stairs that lead straight ahead and to the right. It is worth noting that individuals with Altar Level 4 are in the clear. However, those without A should be aware.

Obtaining the Loom:

The coveted Loom is housed in the Weaver’s Cottage. If you have Altar Level 4, simply retrieve it. For those without Altar Level 4, you can access the Loom without succumbing to the deadly shroud at a specific spot near the edge.

After Obtaining the Loom:

Use the fast travel option to return to your base once you have acquired the Loom. Equipped with the Loom, you can craft it for the Hunter. The spinning wheel from the carpenter is unlocked with this achievement, allowing you to craft linen using one flax, although it takes 30 seconds to complete the process.


This guide has revealed almost everything that you need in enshrouded to find the loom.