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Enshrouded – How to Unlock Farming


To advance further in the game and improve your equipment or create new, expensive things, you will need to have access to specific resources, which may be obtained by farming in Enshrouded. The environment of Enshrouded offers a plethora of materials for resource gathering, but without a steady supply of food, you cannot fully utilize the culinary mechanism in the game. Consequently, this post will walk you through how to enable farming in enshrouded:

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How Farming Works?

You can cultivate Enshrouded Farming plants almost anyplace there is dirt once you have some seedlings. This approach is surprisingly adaptable. The right components for the intended crop must first be added to a seedbed. The Seedbed will take some time to yield viable seeds; processing times for a single batch of seeds can range from three to twenty minutes.

Enshrouded - How to Unlock Farming

Once you have seeds, all you have to do is set them in some ground and place them on your hotbar. Although this will work in the near run, crafting some Fertilized Farm Soil or Farm Soil at the Farmer NPC will be a much superior option as it will provide you considerable speed bonuses to get your crops much faster.

How to Unlock Farming

By saving the Farmer NPC and returning her to your base, you can enable farming in Enshrouded. You will then be able to establish a Seedbed in your base. Remember that doing this will just enable you to farm crops; you will still need to locate the crops you wish to cultivate.

Best Crops to Fram

Wheat and flax are the two crops you should always be growing. Linen, a resource utilized in many crafting methods, requires flax to be made. Regarding wheat, it’s utilized in a variety of culinary formulas.

Enshrouded - How to Unlock Farming

Other than these two, the crops you choose to cultivate should be chosen based on the foods you want to prepare with them. Consider carefully which meal is ideal for you at this point in the game; no one raw food is as excellent as a prepared meal.


How do I join friends Enshrouded?

Click ‘Play’ on the world you want to play in with your friends after choosing the one and adjusting the maximum number of players you want to join. If you want to prevent strangers from joining, then create a password.

Is Enshrouded offline?

While it is possible to play the game offline and in cooperative mode, we strongly advise players to gather a group of friends—up to 16—before venturing into the Shroud. Simply put, it’s more enjoyable.

Does enshrouded have dedicated servers?

In addition to improving gameplay with reduced latency and smoother performance, a dedicated server for Enshrouded offers you command over the server configuration, mods, and who joins you on your heroic adventure.

How do you level up fast in Enshrouded?

All in all, battle and natural exploration will raise your level gradually. Defeat mine, mini-bosses, and Fell foes to expedite the journey! Because Enshrouded is a lengthy game, take your time and enjoy the ride.

Can you play Enshrouded on steam deck?

You may wonder if you can play Enshrouded on the Steam Deck if you have to share a PC with someone or if you just want to be able to play the game while you’re out and about. Yes, to put it briefly.