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Palworld – How to Get Rid of Wanted Status


Palworld has its own set of rules, and disobeying them will make you a criminal. Although Palworld is rife with chaos—from raids to powerful Pal bosses—there are peaceful civilizations all over the place. Being desirable in Palworld does not imply that you are well-liked, at least not in the sense that you would prefer. You will learn how to remove your wanted status in Palworld by reading this article:

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What is the Wanted Status in Palworld?

If you break any local laws in Palworld, you will be placed under a state of enmity known as “wanted.” This usually happens when you murder a pet pal or attack friendly or neutral NPCs. In the event that this occurs, a posse of PIDF guards will ambush you until you either die or manage to flee. If you try to battle your way out of the position, it will be very difficult compared to your other options because they’re pretty high level.

How to Get Rid of Wanted Status

Everyone in your vicinity will now want to kill you in order to obtain the prize, regardless of how you got on the wanted list. Such circumstances are quite disagreeable and seriously impede comfortable gameplay.

By Just Die

The quickest and simplest way would be to simply pass away. People will cease searching for you because they will believe you have passed away. This method’s primary drawback is that you’ll have to return to the scene of death to get your backpack, which holds all of your belongings.

This is not hard to accomplish since, if you are close by, it will be lit by a beam that is visible from virtually everywhere, and if you are far away, it will be indicated on the map with an icon. This is not a fantastic alternative for people who are far from the base, but it is really quick and simple if you have a few items.

By Eliminating Witnesses

The final, and arguably most challenging, strategy is to exclude witnesses. Try to kill everyone who witnessed you commit the crime if you have the appropriate weapon and PIDFs haven’t yet shown up in the area. You can resume playing safely after the Wanted Status vanishes if you act swiftly. It’s a win-win situation, though, because if you die while killing witnesses, you will once more lose your wanted status.

Palworld - How to Get Rid of Wanted Status

By Run Away

The other option would be to just flee and seek refuge somewhere you won’t be tracked down or looked for. In addition to saving you from having to return for your belongings, this strategy allows you to flee from difficulty and travel so far that it will take you a considerable amount of time to return to base.

Palworld - How to Get Rid of Wanted Status

If you have already left the base, this will be a fantastic strategy to get out of the jam. As a result, if you murder someone or go into a prohibited region and they are now after you, simply retreat towards your base, make a move, and hide. After that, they will leave you alone.


Is Palworld online only?

A vast, open environment called “Pals” is home to animal-like animals that players must fight and capture in order to use them for base construction, movement, and combat. Palworld can be played online with up to 32 players on a single server or alone. Players can also make their own server; it won’t take a lot of time, but it is very important before you start to choose the best Palworld hosting.

Is there PvP in Palworld?

“Palworld has a vision for PvP that will blend in with the environment without having to deal with the same issues that all other survival games—aside from maybe two—have.”

Can you fight other players in Palworld?

There isn’t any PvP at all in Palworld right now. The main objective of the game is to survive—alone or with friends—in a world full of cuddly Pals. This indicates that it includes the distinctive Pals system together with all the essential elements of a typical survival game.

How many pals are in Palworld?

Palworld now has 138 different species of Pals. This figure contains variations of currently recognized species; for instance, the Jolthog Cryst and the common Jolthog are considered to be two distinct species.

How do you get Faleris in Palworld?

Use our Palworld Breeding guide to breed a Vanwrym and an Anubis of different genders, and the result should be a Large Scorching Egg. Put it in the Palworld Incubator, and you ought to receive a level 1 Faleris.