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Enterprise Mobile Application Development, But What Type?


A mobile application is indeed an effective tool to help you make your business profitable. It can, for example, facilitate the marketing of your products and services or serve as support for your new marketing campaign. Whatever benefits it is likely to bring you, do not jump into development until you have defined the explicit goal of the future mobile application.

Do you already know which type of application best suits your business needs? Do you want to develop a web, Enterprise mobile application development, hybrid, IT development or native application? The choice will depend, of course, on your industry, the type of business, and the goals you want to achieve. Whether you are looking for a new sales channel or want to launch a loyalty campaign for a multinational company, an SME, or a start-up, your mobile application project must consider a maximum of aspects to meet your expectations.

What Types Of Business Applications Are There?

Each application is different and unique. Sometimes it is difficult to put an app in one category and exclude it from another. The listing here will give you an impression of ​​the many uses of mobile business applications.

Promotional applications developing a mobile application can have advantages for your marketing strategy, especially if you want to retain your customers. You can offer them discount coupons, send them invitations to promotional events or even organize contests to allow them to earn points that they can redeem for gifts.

  1. Business Directory

Like a digital directory, such a mobile application will contain a list of your stores or premises with their contact details. Can integrate the Google Maps geolocation or another to allow users to find you more easily. You will also be able, through notifications, to inform your customers about the exclusive offers available where they are located. Also, remember to encourage them to share good tips on their social networks. This will allow your brand to gain greater brand awareness online.

  1. Online Store Or E-Commerce

We have devoted many lines on our blog to explain why and how to create an m-commerce app. It allows the customer to view your catalog and purchase through a mobile payment system such as PayPal.

  1. Quiz

Games are the various downloaded kind of applications accepted by mobile users. Could you make the most of it for your business? Developing a mobile application is a great approach to build customer loyalty while keeping them entertained. An application of this kind could help, for example, to retain the customers of a cinema.

  1. Branding Or Average Game

The idea is to develop a game that will contain elements related to the company in its virtual world, such as its logo, some of its products, or a known character. In these cases, the goal is not to increase sales. The company is secondary in the game, but its brand image is improving, and its presence on smart phones is strengthened.

  1. Augmented Reality

There are a thousand and one plans to hold it. Augmented reality can be used in a mobile video game as well as to improve the shopping experience. This same principle can be extended, among others, to brands of decoration, clothing, shoes, handbags, or sunglasses. In tourism, augmented reality makes it possible to find a café, consult information on a building or even check the entry price to the museum located just in front of us and buy it.

Augmented reality is beneficial for the development of tourist guide-type applications. They are usually based on interactive maps that indicate essential points. Hotels and inns can make good use of this by also presenting their gastronomic offer, and tourist agencies can show their customers the places of interest to visit.


Others each identified need could be an excellent inspiration to create a mobile application. Many companies launch apps for a specific event, such as an exhibition, with information on proposed activities and documentation. Some applications allow the contact details of people encountered during events to be recorded.


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