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How to Get MC Business in GTA Online


Since you can own up to five different MC Businesses in GTA Online, doing so can be a very lucrative to make money. Many illegal methods exist to get money in Los Santos, from growing and selling marijuana to making meth in a bunker. Additionally, in GTA Online, having a clubhouse and being the president of the MC Club both provide advantages. You can have a place where you can hang out and play games with your crew or guests at your clubhouse, like darts. You will learn how to obtain an MC Business in GTA Online by reading this post. Consequently, let’s begin:

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How to Get MC Business in GTA Online

You can utilize the laptop in your Clubhouse once you have been elected MC President. This is typically located within the building in your personal space. Although the enterprises can be rather expensive, they can eventually give you a steady revenue stream.

Buying a business

Once you’ve located your laptop, choose “Open Road” to access the website. Choose the “Buy Business tab” to purchase a business. Five different sorts of businesses are available for purchase, but you can only purchase one of each type.

You can own the following types of businesses:

  • Forgeries
  • Weed
  • Counterfeit Cash
  • Meth
  • Cocaine

After finding it and following the on-screen instructions, click on the item you wish to buy. Once purchased, the company will be represented by an icon on your map. But you can only see the icons once elected MC President. The various icons for each business are shown here.


How to Get MC Business in GTA Online


How to Get MC Business in GTA Online

Counterfeit Cash

How to Get MC Business in GTA Online


How to Get MC Business in GTA Online


How to Get MC Business in GTA Online

Setting up business

You must set up a business after purchasing it because all of them depend on you for raw materials and the product’s final sale. The proper equipment must be provided for your staff before they can start producing (personnel are included in the original purchase price). Go to the location of your new company and enter the building or warehouse there to set it up. And once inside, go to the computer.

Open the ‘Businesses You Own’ tab on the ‘Open Road’ laptop after you get there. Select the ‘Set Up’ option on the left side of your screen after clicking on the one you want to configure. This will begin your company’s setup mission.

Following the mission’s start, LJT will phone you and a marker will appear on your map. Make your way to the indicated location and steal the materials as you would with any other mission. All you have to do to start up your company is bring them back safely.


How profitable is the MC business in GTA 5 Online?

You can earn as much as $41,000 per hour working at Weed Farm. On the other hand, Counterfeit Cash Factory can only pay you up to $48,000 every hour. You might earn as much as $51,000 per hour working in a meth lab. Finally, cocaine lockup is the best and most lucrative MC business, paying up to $74,000 per hour.

What GTA business pays the most?

This company also has a respectable payout. Even though you are advised to upgrade your company, you can still make over $200,000 with the first setup. When everything is used up, that sum is over $300,000.

How much does it cost to buy all MC businesses?

However, the price is prohibitive if players want to buy fully updated versions of every company in the game with the greatest locations. Players must spend roughly $10 million to purchase and fully upgrade each of the 5 MC Businesses currently available in GTA Online.

What is the best solo money business in GTA 5?

The best way to earn money in GTA Online as a lone player may be to buy a Special Cargo Warehouse. It can be managed easily and done with a button from a CEO’s office. The players ‘ main objective is securing freight shipments to keep in a big warehouse.

Is counterfeit cash worth it, GTA?

One of GTA Online’s most successful passive revenue ventures is the Counterfeit Cash Factory. Compared to other money-grinding strategies, it needs less work and money up front, but over time, it offers a large return on investment.