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Escape From Tarkov Reserve Map Guide 2021


Escape From Tarkov Reserve is quite possibly the most interesting Battle Royales

We have gone over lately, and it is developing at a pace of bunches. What separates this game from any semblance of other driving Battle Royale games is the lethargic paced, profoundly strategic development needed to get an edge over your rival.

Maybe this is the reason it has acquired such a lot of foothold as of late. Amateurs to the game will need to play a guide with the correct equilibrium of uneven territory and structures, so the Reserve Map will be ideal for them.

Departure from Tarkov has gotten an update that rolls out some critical improvements to its guide Reserve. The arrangement of passages in the fortification underneath the guide’s army installation has been extended, and there are new journeys and compensations to search out in obscurity halls underground.

In the event that you haven’t visited Reserve, it comprises of an army installation and the encompassing region, which incorporates the passageway to an underground shelter. Hallways in this dugout opened under a portion of the structures on the army installation, and the update to the guide adds a few better approaches to enter and leave this underground passage organization. It’s a dim, barometrical territory to investigate with a lot of foyers to lose all sense of direction in, yet that is the place where you’ll need to head on the off chance that you plan on getting the two new journeys from the seller Prapor, which become accessible when you’re at notoriety level 10 with him.

What is Reserve?

Save is in reality short for the Federal State Reserve Agency base, which houses Novinsky-2 (an airspace control focus).

Regarding interactivity, this guide is available to both PMCs and Player Scavs for up to 10 players.

The journeys included the update have Prapor requesting that you investigate the region underneath the base. In the main journey, you need to discover the passageway to the dugout, at that point head in and discover a control room in the passage organization. That is it – whenever you’ve discovered the room you’re protected to go to an exfil point and complete your attack.

In the second piece of the mission, you’ll need to head down into the fortification and recognize some enormous airtight impact entryways. These each lead to structures on the base, so it’s a decent method to acquaint yourself with the format of the passage organization and how it interfaces with the design of the base. You need to discover the entryways that lead to the emergency clinic, the institute building, military quarters structures 1 and 2, and the air control focus. That done, you can leave the attack.

escape from tarkov reserve map guide

Escape from Tarkov Spawn Points and Points of Reference

With such huge guides and few UI signs, you have to know where you are on the guide when you produce. While this guide is entirely large and open, there are some key highlights that you can use to discover your way around. At the point when you generate, you ought to promptly attempt to discover one of these milestones. Structure here, you ought to have the option to decide which produce point you’re utilizing in that game.

The greatest and most effortless perspectives for the Escape from Tarkov Reserve map is the vault expert marksman tower. This is huge and basically obvious for the whole left-hand side of the guide. This is additionally simple to find once you produce. A snappy look around the guide simply over your ordinary survey tallness ought to uncover its area.

escape from tarkov reserve map guide

In the event that you can’t spot it, you’re on the other portion of the guide. The train station is a valid statement of reference. While this isn’t as large as the Dome, it is genuinely simple to spot. With these two reference focuses, you ought to have the option to sort out your area on the guide pretty without any problem.

Escape from Tarkov Reserve map extraction points

Beneath you’ll discover a guide showing all the Reserve map extraction focuses in Escape from Tarkov. PMC extricates are set apart in blue, while Scav separates are set apart in red. There is just a single PMC-just exit on Reserve, yet a few Scav in particular or shared ways out. We’ve depicted the PMC exists under the guide in additional detail, disclosing what to search for or what prerequisites every one has, so check them to help you track down the correct spots. We’d prefer to offer credit to Tarkov’s gamepedia wiki for the first, plain however interpreted guide.

Armored Train

Accessible to both PMCs and Scavs, the Armored Train Escape From Tarkov Reserve is one of the more abnormal choice to be added to the game up until now. This extraction point shows up in the focal point of the guide at generally 30 minutes into the assault and just stays for 7 minutes. It’ll blare one moment before takeoff, at that point emanate two sounds as it quiets down shop and leaves, beginning the commencement of a couple of moments. Anybody inside the train around then will actually want to get out, companion or enemy. It makes a ton of commotion, however what a cool method to leave, eh?

Bunker Hermetic Door

Another extraction point for both PMCs and Scavs, the Bunker Hermetic Door requests that you open it before you leave. You’ll have to visit the Lever Shack set apart by a reference mark and white jewel on the guide above (southwest of the helicopter) to open the course up. Pull it and you have four minutes to arrive at the extraction point before the switch resets. The Bunker you need to enter is the east finish of the west arrangement of shelter passageways. The rearward in the primary shelter entryway lobbies. Search for the entryway with the light over it.

Cliff Descent

A PMC-just extraction point, the Escape From Tarkov Reserve Cliff Descent works likewise to the exceptional Woods map Cliff Descent/Mountain Stash extraction point. To exit here you need to have the Paracord and Red Rebel (RR) Ice Pick on you. The extraction point is up by the radio pinnacle in the north, behind the primary structure and the metal flight of stairs you use to approach it. Dump any heavily clad vest you’re wearing and walkup to the fenced corner with a solitary tree in it to start extraction.

Scav Lands

Try not to allow the name to deceive you, the Scav Lands extraction point is accessible to both PMCs and Scavs. The key is that you’ll require both a Scav and a PMC there to begin it. Either collaborate with a companion or make an impossible coalition during the match (on the off chance that you set out) to attempt to extricate here. It’s situated in a little recess with a heap of barricades and a shielded vehicle towards the southwest of the compound.

Sewer Manhole

Another PMC and Scav extraction, Sewer Manhole is most likely a last-decision extraction point. It’s accessible all through the match, yet to get out you’ll have to have no knapsack prepared. Taking into account that profoundly restricts the measure of plunder you’ll have the option to take out, we don’t suggest extricating here except if you have no other decision or are playing with a Scav who’s scratched a quality weapon. The Manhole cover is sitting between a truck and isolated trailer part toward the side of the fenced territory set apart on the guide. It’s the corner nearest to the radar station. Stroll over to it and you’ll begin a fast extraction.

Vantage locations for snipers in the Escape from Tarkov Reserve map

The arch is one of the hotspots in the Reserve map. Once on top of it, you can see essentially everything. On the off chance that you love being an expert sharpshooter. This is the place where you can get loads of activity. Keep in mind – there Escape from Tarkov Reserve map will be. A lot of different players focusing on that position as well. On a similar note, there may be sharpshooters attempting to execute different expert riflemen who get this position. They will simply take cover behind a stone or a tree and trust that somebody will appear on top.

Since the arch is magnificent for the two parts in the pinnacle and players focusing on the pinnacle. The Reserve map is amazing for unforgiving expert sharpshooter duels.

Battling the Scav Boss

The Scav Boss in the Reserve map – known as Glukhar – Is one of the hardest in-game. The watchmen are sufficiently able to be Scav managers themselves, so you can envision his quality. He brings forth around a couple of better places – the fix warehouse, residences or K structures.

The supervisor has six watchmen. At the point when you draw in, some of them will pursue you, while others will secure the chief. The battle will be Escape from Tarkov Reserve map testing, yet you can draw them into. A tight or encased space, at that point dispense with them individually as they get in.

Escape from Tarkov Reserve’s main features:

  • Usable Heavy-Weapon emplacements spread around the guide (counting belt-took care of assault rifles and programmed explosive launchers (sic!)). On the off chance that you’d prefer to play with the NSV “Utes” 12.7×108 assault rifle or the Escape From Tarkov Reserve AGS 30×29 mm programmed projectile launcher, look no further.
  • The fiercest NPC Boss of Tarkov meanders around the region (around Pawn, Knight, and K-Station). Glukhar and his SIX intensely outfitted, shielded, and all around prepared watchmen are really considerable rivals and drawing in them solo, particularly at significant distances, is practically self-destructive. Notwithstanding, their gear is among the best accessible, so crushing them will make you rich.
  • The wealth of very good quality plunder. Attack Rifle, Sniper Rifle, and military thing generates are very normal on Reserve (and a large number of them are situated outside of bolted zones). You will presumably discover beyond what you can continue each Raid.
  • 29 usable Keys that occasionally open zones flooding with important plunder. On the off chance that you go on a Reserve Raid without need keys you will unquestionably pass up a great opportunity.
  • One more thing, that is a result of the past four… Hold is VERY famous among significant level players and player crews. Try not to go in ill-equipped.


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