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Esports Events of the Year That Are Not To Be Missed


2021 saw many delayed events and esports tournaments finally take place. In terms of revenue and spectators, the sport continued to demonstrate its growth potential. 2022 should be another record-breaking year with many exciting events and firsts for the industry. 

Following the announcement that esports will be a pilot event at the Common Wealth Games, it’s the perfect time to check in on the major tournaments lined up in 2022. They offer opportunities to see the very best go head to head for prestige, trophies and incredible prize pools.

10 Esports Events Worth Your Attention in 2022

This list covers the top tournaments with confirmed dates. Keep an eye out on the dates for the FIFAe World Cup and the 2022 Masters Tour.

1. ESL Pro League Season 15

Heading into its 15th season, this CS:GO league is already underway. The final tournament for the $850,000 prize pool is taking place this spring. It crowns the best in Europe as the teams pass through a group stage, play-in, semifinals, playoffs and the grand final, which is a best-of-five event.

2. LCS Mid-Season Cup

Have no fear; once the ESL Pro League season is over, there’s another exciting event to look forward to in April. The League of Legends (LoL) event is due to take place in Houston, Texas, with all the participants hoping to gain a qualification spot at the Mid-Season Invitational.

3. Free Fire World Series 2022

May 2022 will bring a global event. The Free Fire World Series is predominantly online but is set to have some in-person competitions too. The play-ins are happening on May 14th, 2022, with the finals coming a week later on the 21st of the month.

4. DOTA 2 Pro Circuit (Three Seasons)

Not one but three major competitions are occurring as part of the DOTA 2 Pro Circuit. DOTA 2 betting fans should look out for the second major in early May and the third in early August. Every team will be doing their best to qualify for The International.

5. The International 11

With a prize pool of over $40 million in 2021, The International remains the tournament with the biggest overall prize pool in the world. There haven’t been announcements regarding the dates, but if the Pro Circuit goes to plan, this DOTA 2 event should happen sometime after August 2022.

6. DreamHack Summer 2022

This year DreamHack will take place in Sweden. It includes the ESL Pro League Conference and several other sports events. It’s one of the best opportunities for the gaming community to get together. Look out for the festival, known for its BYOC (bring your own computer) party, from June 18th, 2022. 

7. RLCS: Rocket League World Championships

Another immense prize pool is waiting to be won this July at the Rocket League World Championships. It’s the culmination of the season with a wild card event and the main event, and each participant has an eye on the $6,000,000 prize pool. This international competition mixes football and cars in an arcade-style game.

8. Apex Legends Global Series Championship

Better known as ALGS, this championship brings together more than 100 teams to compete for a $5,000,000 prize pool. Following the inaugural event last year, the tournament in South America is sure to turn heads this July.

9. League of Legends World Championship 2022

The biggest event for LoL, the 2022 World Championship, is taking place across multiple locations, including Mexico, Canada, the US and online. It’s the 12th competition, and each team will be determined to take the title this Autumn.

10. VCT Challengers 

Can’t want to wait for one of the other tournaments on the list? Check out the Valorant Champions Tour, which has the first Challenger running in March, followed by events throughout the year. The three tiers, Challengers, Masters and Champions, will be competing in Europe, Asia, South America and North America.