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Everspace 2 – How to Get Ships


You may be forgiven for believing that there isn’t much variation in the ships available for you to pilot when you initially start Everspace 2. Since the looter-shooter Everspace 2 is set in a starry environment, your mode of transportation is crucial since you use it for both movement and combat. You’ll want to get rid of your beginning Ship as soon as possible because of this. You may learn how to obtain ships in Everspace 2 by reading this article:

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How to Buy New Ships

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to purchase a new Ship until you complete the Spares and Scrap assignment, which is a level five main plot task in the Ceto system when you embark on your spacefaring adventure in Everspace 2. You won’t have to wait long to switch up your starting vessel because it’s still rather early. You can purchase a new spacecraft in Everspace 2 from the first spacecraft Dealer, located at Nephtys Plains Station in Nephtys Plains, after completing the task.

How to Change Ships

In Everspace 2, purchasing a new spacecraft from a ship trader is the sole option to modify your current vessel. The Nephtys Plains Station on Ceto is home to the first ship trader you’ll come across. A few more can be found sporadically throughout the game; two are in the Drake system and two are in the Union system. As soon as you get the necessary benefit from Tareen, the Flying Duchess also begins to offer ships.

Similar to weaponry or modules, the rarity of ships determines their division into four tiers. Although rarer ships are more expensive than common ones, they also have superior stats. In addition to being categorized according to rarity, ships are also divided into three types. Specifically, you have three types of fighters: light, medium, and heavy.

Everspace 2 - How to Get Ships

Heavy fighters are slower but more resilient to damage than light ships, which are faster but smaller and more brittle. Fighters classified as medium fall in the middle. In Everspace 2, you are able to possess many ships, storing the ones you don’t use in your hangar at homebase.

When you purchase a new spacecraft, you may easily sell your old one and earn a lot of credits if you don’t intend to establish a collection. When you visit a ship vendor and find nothing you want, don’t worry, as dealers change out their inventory every hour or two. By the time you return, you should have seen new ships up for sale after completing some tasks or taking some time to explore.

All Ship Dealers and Locations

In Everspace 2, there are five Ship Dealers dispersed over the cosmos. They are situated at:

Everspace 2 - How to Get Ships

  • Nephtys Plains Station, Nephtys Plains, Ceto System.
  • Freelancer Hangar, Prescott Starbase, Union System.
  • G&B Union Branch, Noah Damaris Starport, Union System.
  • Coalition HQ, Letho Starport, Drake System.
  • Ships & Supplies, Coalition Cargo Terminal, Drake System.
  • The Flying Dutchess ship (once you’ve unlocked the level two Ship Dealers perk).


How often do ships change Everspace 2?

using the ship dealer’s assistance. One ship rotates after seven minutes, half of the ships after fourteen minutes, and 75% of the ships after twenty-eight minutes. Their stock rotates over time. In fifty-six minutes, all of the ships will have changed. Only when in supralight or in a different position can the stock spin.

Where is the first place to buy ships in Everspace 2?

If the Disruptor signal is fixed to conceal the base in Everspace 2, the Nephtys Plains Station is the first ship dealer that players will encounter. The player’s current level will determine which Tier is available at each Ship Dealer location.

Do ships lose value in Everspace 2?

All necessary gear and cargo are transferred, and any gear that is left unequipped because of slot differences is placed in the cargo. Additionally, ships are always valuable to trade in, so feel free to improve, switch, and try new things over time.

Is the gunship good in Everspace 2?

Gunship: Double damage (and energy cost) due to double the hardpoints. Very slow, but makes up for it with a superb hull and shield. Uses primary weapon fire to absolutely melt everything; any enemy smaller than a carrier or destroyer perishes in less than half a second.

Can you go to planets in Everspace 2?

It’s a lot of fun blasting down enemies while soaring through the immensity of outer space. There are levels in Everspace 2 where you can visit other worlds, thus the action doesn’t always take place in space.