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Forspoken – How to Use Poppets and Old Coins


When Frey tries on the incredibly shiny Cuff in Forspoken, she unintentionally teleports from New York into the realms of Athia. All the changes that come with cultural variations are now her responsibility. In the game, these are collectibles, and many players are curious about their purposes. In Forspoken, the Poppets can be traded for Cloaks, Nuggets, and Bumbershoot at the Trading Spot, while the first can be swapped for knowledge in the Book Store. You will learn how to use Poppets and Old Coins in Spoken by reading this article:

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What are Poppets and Old Coins in Forspoken?

You’ll receive numerous worthwhile awards and Trophies when you step on these objects in specific places.


In the game, players can gather and exchange Poppets, which are tiny wooden dolls. By pursuing cats, you can obtain them. Nine cats can be found throughout the game’s chapters, beginning with chapter 3. These felines also drop poppets, which you can trade for other goodies. You will receive the “A Roading Trade” Trophy after you have gathered them all.

Old Coins:

In Forspoken, searching for Old Coins can be thrilling and fruitful! They are dispersed over the map, appearing in abandoned structures and caverns. Since you may store up to 140 coins, keeping track of them is quite simple! Chapter 4 marks the beginning of your old Coin collection. After trading, you can use designated items to make recipes.

How to Use Poppets and Old Coins

Poppets and Old Coins can be exchanged with merchants in Cipal City in Forspoken. Poppets can be sold at a trading location in the town center, and the bookshop nearby is also a good place to exchange old coins. Based on the map, you can locate both traders easily because they are close to one another.

Forspoken - How to Use Poppets and Old Coins

But, you might easily overlook them NPCs if you skip some side tasks and jump straight to the game’s primary plot. Thus, you must review the map and speak with them immediately. When you reach the game’s final chapters, you will understand how important it is to acquire these collectables since the goods you can construct will be greatly aided by the trade of Poppets and Old Coins.

Poppets and Old Coins have a crucial function in Forspoken despite their initial appearance as meaningless baubles. Watch for these things as you play the game since collecting them can earn you worthwhile rewards. Now that you know the purposes of Poppets and Old Coins in Forspoken, go forth and begin gathering!

Where to Use Poppets And Old Coins

The Trading Spot, Book Shop, Curiosity Shop, and Kitty Gift Shop in Forspoken all accept Poppets and Old Coins. Players won’t be able to exchange these two Athian currencies until chapter four. This is because Olevia does not teach Frey how to create and improve goods in Forspoken until chapter three.

Forspoken - How to Use Poppets and Old Coins

At the start of chapter four, the Trading Spot and Book Shop are located behind Pilo. On the map, the Shops are indicated by an exchange arrow icon. But as Frey goes through the chapters, their location varies since it is contingent upon the events taking place at that time.


Can you unlock every spell in Forspoken?

Once you have enough Mana, you can use these spells. Leveling up, finishing Flashbacks, unlocking Locked Labyrinths, and approaching luminous Mana Pools throughout Athia are all ways to gain mana.

What is the most powerful cloak in Forspoken?

The Unbroken cloak has three distinct buffs: like the Pereline cloak, critical hits also heal Frey’s health. Cuff counters and critical hits both accelerate the rate at which Surge magic recharges.

Is there a max level in Forspoken?

By exploring Athia, eliminating enemies, and advancing through the main plot, you can level up Frey’s stats until you hit the level cap at 99. We cover the best ways to level up in Forspoken rapidly on this page.

Who is the unlikeable character in Forspoken?

When Frey’s personality changes later in the game, you won’t be able to shake the question of why she is unlikeable in Forspoken. However, those who stick with it could find a lot of endearing traits beneath that sardonic surface.

What is the point of no return in Forspoken?

In Forspoken, the turning point takes place in Chapter 11: The Truth. You will first travel to Tanta Olas’s castle. Before you can get her Green Magic, Cuff will turn on you and show himself as Susurrus, the entity.

What is the fastest way to level up in Forspoken?

Still, this is a rather standard manner of leveling up in RPGs. It will be simplest and fastest to look for combat engagements. Because Devil May Cry and other games use a combat grade system, players can earn extra experience by doing well in combat situations.