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Everspace 2 – How to Enable HOTAS


A fast-paced arcade space shooter is Everspace 2. In it, players take on the role of a renegade pilot attempting to escape a war-torn region of space that is home to many bandits, warlords, and cultists. A HOTAS (Hand on Throttle and Stick) arrangement is common among gamers since controlling a ship in three dimensions demands accurate controls and a variety of inputs. You will learn how to activate HOTAS in Everspace 2 by reading this article:

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How to Enable HOTAS

For accurate and precise flying control, a HOTAS can be quite helpful. All of the flight controls have mappable keys because there are so many switches and buttons accessible. Nevertheless, compared to many other flight games, Everspace 2 doesn’t require as much input. Although there are quite a few controls, not too many that a controller cannot manage it nearly as well.

Everspace 2 - How to Enable HOTAS

In contrast to a controller, which would require key mapping for other functions, a HOTAS provides complete control over pitch, roll, yaw, and maneuvering thrusters at all times. Although it’s helpful, gamers may find the Automatic Rolling setting in the controller options unsatisfactory.

To activate HOTAS controllers in Everspace 2, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the “Input” tab after opening the Settings menu.
  • Click on Customize Controls.
  • Click the Select Preset field drop-down menu at the top of the page.
  • From the list, pick the relevant HOTAS device. The player should choose Keyboard, Gamepad, or Empty if their HOTAS isn’t listed. All of their keys will need to be manually mapped.
  • To guarantee that the button prompts stay constant, set the Input Method Override to Joystick.
  • Examine the controls in the “Other” column to find out which buttons, axes, dials, triggers, etc. on the HOTAS are mapped to what. Any controls not already mapped should be mapped.
  • Set up each axis’s inversion, sensitivity, and dead zone.
  • Choose to save the changes by selecting Apply.

Everspace 2 - How to Enable HOTAS

Once the controls are adjusted, players should return to the Settings Menu’s “Input” tab and choose Joystick. They can adjust a few more options there to make the most out of their experience. This is where you can change the Automatic Rolling, Boost behavior, and Auto-Aim. For a HOTAS configuration, Automatic Rolling should be turned off; otherwise, the player can customize the experience as they see fit.


Does Everspace 2 support Hotas?

It is a great option for space simulations with a mental element, such as Elite: Risky, yet jerky movements and quick throttle adjustments are necessary for arcade shooters like Everspace 2, which can seriously damage a HOTAS. However, HOTAS input is supported in Everspace 2.

Which is better Everspace or Everspace 2?

Everspace was all about quick runs through progressively challenging challenges; Everspace 2 had a 30-hour campaign. While Everspace was primarily an action game, Everspace 2 features a more expansive tone, keeping those combative moments while incorporating gentler trade, exploration, and story lines.

How many hours is Everspace 2?

Keeping to the primary goals, Everspace 2 takes roughly 29 hours to complete. It will probably take you about 72½ hours to complete the game if you’re the kind of player that likes to see everything.

What is the best primary weapon in Everspace 2?

One of Everspace 2’s greatest primary weapons, the Flak Cannon is quite good at destroying enemy spaceships at medium ranges. It is intended to launch burst-fire projectiles, which detonate upon impact and spread damage over a large radial pattern.

Is the gunship good in Everspace 2?

Gunship: Double damage (and energy cost) due to double the hardpoints. Very slow, but makes up for it with a superb hull and shield. Uses primary weapon fire to absolutely melt everything; any enemy smaller than a carrier or destroyer perishes in less than half a second.