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Fairy Tail Game Review (TV Series 2009–2019)


Fairy Tail (TV Series 2009–2019)

Introduction of Fairy Tail (TV Series 2009–2019)

Fairy Tail (TV Series 2009–2019) is a Japanese manga series by Hiro Mashima originally serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine in Japan, Fairy Tail is a best-selling manga title in Japan since its introduction in 2006. In this long-running show, you can see the comedy, drama, action, some romance, friendship, fantasy all in one.

About The Author/Artist

Hiro Mashima is a Japanese artist born on May 3, 1977. His most popular series is his first serial Rave Master, published in Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine from 1999 to 2005. His best selling work, Fairy Tail (TV Series 2009–2019), published in the same magazine from 2006 to 2017.

Main Characters

Natsu: Wizard Natsu is the main character and the most amazing guy of this amine who enjoys every single moment. He is fireproof and has fire punches. Fire is one of his meals as well. Fights of this anime are incomplete without Natsu.

Lucy: Lucy is a 16-year-old girl and she wants to be a full-fledged necromancer. She is looking to join the legendary and famous wizard guild known as Fairy Tail.

Gray Fullbuster: Grey is an ice wizard and has consistent competition with Natsu. While they’re individual Fairy Tail organization individuals, Natsu and Gray are in every case continually quibbling.

Erza Scarlet: Protected and hazardous, Erza is a wild lady warrior-wizard who can threaten the monsters and terrorize her Fairy Tail wizards into well-mannered accommodation so she can treat others with smartness.

Happy: Happy is a talking blue kitty who is Natsu’s companion and buddy. Happy is not solid, yet he uses an uncommon sort of enchantment called Aera, which incidentally enables his wings and to fly.

Story Summary Of Fairy Tail (TV Series 2009–2019)

In Fairy Tail (TV Series 2009–2019) It angles a group of people beneath the umbrella of an enchantment society, known as Fairy Tail who embraces various activity occupied undertakings after some time. In their experiences, they run over each evident and evil with the greater part of the evil being secured to one substance, the Immortal Dragon Slayer Zeref.

The amine revolves in a place Fiore, a very mysterious and enigmatic world, enchantment is all over the place. Magicians resemble gifted dealers who gather as one in “societies” and take on paying tasks for non-enchantment wielders, such as chasing beasts, recovering lost things, or getting odd things done.

It is in this world that we meet Lucy Heartfilia who is a runaway heavenly wizard on a mission to find her divine entryway keys. To do this Lucy destinations to recognize the Fairy Tail society and expectations that she would be normal into its confraternity.

As she continues on her excursion, she experiences Natsu Dragneel respected for his Dragon like capacities, who proceeds to shop her from an attempted kidnapping by a man presenting to be Salamander.


The happy-go-lucky guy Natsu proceeds to uncover that he is in all actuality Salamanderand a part of Fairy Tail alliance and offers her to join which she happily acknowledges. Alongside various Fairy Tale members like Erza Scarlet the defensively covered wizard, Gray Fullbuster the Ice Wizard, and Natsu’s feline-like associate Happy, they proceed to shape an alliance.

This group decides to introduce help to these in need of it, vanquishing hooligan factors or opponent packs, and also handling the recorded Etherious society which are the wicked manifestations of the immortal darkish wizard Zeref.

After get together Zeref on Sirius Island which is the hallowed floor of the Fairy Tail society, they tossed the wizards of Fairy Tail into a struggle with the Dark Guild of Grimoire Heart who expect to unlock Zeref and use him to be the boss of the world.


This gets the enthusiasm of some other fiendish substance, the Dragon Acnologia. And they continued to raid the Fairy Tail wizards. They fundamentally live to tell the story of this attack by the help of the Spirit of their Fraternity’s author Mavis Vermillin; who projects a protecting spell that shrouds the wizards and spots them a nation of suspended movement.

The Wizards return the following seven years and enroll themselves for interest in the Grand Magic Games or Daimatoenbu. So, this occasion is held to choose the mightiest society and can give gloating rights to whosoever wins it.

Fairy Tail organization yet unwittingly effectively stop a partner of Rogue to compose a period venture conspire who is a partner of Rogue Cheeny (a mythical serpent slayer) who is moreover contending in the competition. They presented the sketch once to the dragons who might have threatened the general public into the present

This makes Zeref, the undying wizard very angry, and the unremitting clashes so a decent arrangement that he concludes it was once unreasonable chance to kill all humankind. What follows is an inordinate threat between Fairy Tail and an alliance of Zeref’s Etherious evil spirits known as Tartaros.

The insidious black dragon Ancologia considers this to be an opportunity to erase every guild anyway the guide of Igneel secured, who sooner than this second was once fixed in Natsu Dragneel, Igneel loses the battle and is killed by Acnologia.


He then again bears the Fairy Tail wizards the opportunity to quench Zeref’s Etherious devils. So, as a recognition, Natsu Dragneel assurances to retaliate for the end of Igneel, with the guide of vanquishing Acnologia.

Natsu sets out on a ride to higher teach himself and following one a year comes back to meet his Master Makarov Dreyer the most skillful of all wizards in the mainland, in an accidental battle to repulse the intrusion endeavor of the Alvarez Empire, a military express whose boss is Emperor Spriggan the decision ID of Zeref.

Natsu Dragneel continues to associate the military of Zeref, and as the contention proceeds, he comes to discover that he is, truth be told, Zerefs energetic sibling who was once resurrected as Etherious Natsu Dragneel (E.N.D) by Zeref in his long time search of an approach to kill himself.

This revelation enraged Natsu Dragneel and continues to end off Zeref, who also unveils to Natsu that as a manifest of his enchantment, he would moreover pass on if his maker is canceled so Natsu doesn’t seem to think about this anyway is hindered by utilizing ecstatic who assurances to find various methodologies of vanquishing Zeref.


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