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Final Fantasy XVI – All Scarletite Locations


In Final Fantasy 16, scarletite is a material that is used to make the Excalibur, Drakeslayer’s Bracelets, and Drakeslayer’s Belt. Even though just one Scarletite is needed to manufacture each of those goods, players could have trouble finding even this little amount of the material. We’ve listed every Scarletite location because you’ll need numerous pieces to create Excalibur and other accessories. In Final Fantasy 16, the following guide will describe every Scarletite location:

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‘Hot Water’ Side Quest

Final Fantasy XVI - All Scarletite Locations

Later on in the main quest “Riddle of the Sands,” you can pick up the side quest “Hot Water” from Xaver at The Dalimil Inn in the Dhalmekian Republic. To receive a single Scarletite as payment for your efforts, all you need to do is eliminate a few bomb foes for Xaver.

Dozmare Hunt

Final Fantasy XVI - All Scarletite Locations

The ‘Blacksmith’s Blues’ side mission, which can be obtained at the Hideaway during the ‘Here Be Monsters’ main quest, unlocks the Dozmare griffin Hunt. You may reach Dozmare by taking the southern path out of Lostwing village, which is situated in the southeast corner of Norvent Valley in Sanbreque.

Fastitocalon (A Hill to Die On) Hunt

Final Fantasy XVI - All Scarletite Locations

The “A Hill to Die On” Hunt, whose real name is Fastitocalon, first shows up on the Hunt board shortly after the “Riddle of the Sands” main quest begins. In the Dhalmekian Republic province, Fastitocalon is situated in the northeastern portion of the Velkroy Desert region. Since two are awarded as part of the prizes, this is also the ideal Hunt to finish if you need to get Scarletite quickly.

The Ten of Clubs Hunt

Final Fantasy XVI - All Scarletite Locations

Not too long after finishing the main quest “Fire in the Sky,” the Ten of Clubs comes on the Hunt board. The Ten of Clubs is situated in the tiny Vanmere neighborhood in the Dhalmekian Republic province’s southeast corner, near The Fields of Corava.

Holy Trumpitour Hunt

Final Fantasy XVI - All Scarletite Locations

The ‘Rekindled Flame’ side quest, which becomes accessible during the ‘Cloak and Dagger’ main quest, features the appearance of the Holy Trumpitour. The Holy Trumpitour is situated in the Sanbreque province’s Lostwing village area, at the very end of the Cellar Passage. It’s located in the village’s southern section.


What is the strongest weapon in ff16?

The most powerful weapon in Final Fantasy 16 is Ultima. It can only be made when playing Final Fantasy, which is essentially New Game +. You can access that mode once you’ve finished the main story. In essence, the Ultima Weapon is New Game +’s Gotterdammerung.

How do you get the Ultima sword in FF16?

Making the Ultima Weapon will be necessary. At Cid’s Hideaway’s Forge, Clive can create the Ultima Weapon, but first he needs to provide three specified materials to the blacksmith. Clive must obtain one Ragnarok Sword, one Utterance of Creation, and three Ultima Weapon Crafting materials, specifically.

What level should I be to fight Ultima FF16?

The ultimate boss in Final Fantasy 16, Ultima, is said to be the hardest foe in the game and is roughly level 99 in Final Fantasy Mode. At roughly level 75, players can take on Ultima, albeit it will be challenging. Players should enter the battle with Ultima at a level in the nineties to make things easier.

How do you get Excalibur in FF16?

Excalibur must be crafted in order to be unlocked during the “Blacksmith’s Blues II” side-mission, which you can get from Blackthorne the Blacksmith at the Hideaway sometime during the “Out of the Shadow” main plot quest. Naturally, finishing the first mission will be necessary in order to unlock this optional one.

Is there an alternate ending to FF16?

For Final Fantasy 16, Square Enix decided to stick with a linear plot, concentrating on a single story arc with a set conclusion. This indicates that there are no different ways to finish Final Fantasy 16 and that the plot is unchanged by the decisions players make during the game.

What is the highest-level hunt in FF16?

In FF16, Svarog is the most advanced and lucrative hunt. Level 50 dragon Svarog can shoot bright spheres at the player that resemble bullet hell.