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Final Fantasy XVI – How to Get Buster Sword


The mainline games in the venerable Final Fantasy series are not connected. With Final Fantasy 16, this tendency is maintained, enabling both series aficionados and newcomers to dive right in and take full advantage of the game. Players that buy the DLC can obtain the Buster Sword, even though it isn’t initially included in the game’s original version. The way to obtain the buster sword in Final Fantasy XVI is explained in this article.

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How to Get Buster Sword

Players must buy the Echoes Of The Fallen DLC in order to receive the Buster Sword, a redeemable weapon. To obtain the Buster Sword, players can purchase this stand-alone DLC or the DLC package with The Rising Tide. A pop-up notification will inform players when the DLC has loaded properly in the game’s main menu.

Final Fantasy XVI - How to Get Buster Sword

Open any save file and navigate to the System screen of the main menu after installing the DLC. Press X to seize the Buster Sword by navigating to the treasure box icon on the far right and scrolling down to find it. The character will then have the Buster Sword added to their inventory, making it instantly usable.

How to Use the Buster Sword

Players must go to the Arete Stone at the hideout and select the Appearance menu in order to equip the Buster Sword as a skin. They should now select the Weapon submenu by pressing R1, then scroll down to locate the Buster Sword.

Final Fantasy XVI - How to Get Buster Sword

They can use the Buster Sword’s model in-game and retain the stats of their equipped weapon by pressing X on the blade. From this option, players can also switch up the attire of a number of Final Fantasy 16 characters, including Clive, Jill, Joshua, Torgal, and Ambrosia.


How do you get the ancient sword in ff16?

The Ancient Sword can be obtained by opening a chest located at the west end of The Steps of the Forgotten. You must first gain entrance to The Steps of the Forgotten in The Dhalmekian Republic in order to get to the Ancient Sword location, which we’ve circled on the map above.

How do you get the strongest weapon in ff16?

The Omega Weapon you earn with this DLC will be the strongest weapon in the game, unless you were able to get the best reward in Final Fantasy mode. The only drawback is that you can’t access it until you’ve defeated the most difficult adversary in the game, the boss of the Echoes of the Fallen questline.

What is the highest damage weapon in FF16?

Ragnarok and several other materials—most of which are obtained by removing bounties from the Hunt Board—are needed to complete Gotterdammerung. The greatest weapon in FF16 that you can obtain during your initial game is Gotterdammerung.

Where is the bomb king in FF16?

After beginning “Weird Science,” check the Hunt Board to find the Bomb King’s location in Sanbreque’s The Crock, which is north of The Imperial Chase and east of The Dragon’s Aery. Head south for the quickest path to the Bomb King after making a fast trip to The Dragon’s Aery obelisk.

What is the best belt in FF16?

Ouroboros is the greatest belt in Final Fantasy 16. With 95 defense and 32 HP, it is the belt with the highest base numbers overall. It must be constructed using a variety of uncommon resources and can only be gained via a side quest near the end of the game.