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Final Fantasy XVI – Masamune Location


The armament in Assassin’s Creed, for example, has far more variety than the weaponry in Final Fantasy 16, and even with Blackthorne, the unstable blacksmith, at your disposal, the improvements aren’t all that impressive. One of the most recognizable weapons in all of Final Fantasy is the Masamune. The insertion of Masamune, a renowned katana from the larger Final Fantasy series, to Square Enix’s current title’s westernized medieval setting is strange yet well-received by the community. This post will describe where Masamune is in Final Fantasy XVI.

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Masamune Is A Recurring Weapon

Masamune, a recurrent weapon in the Final Fantasy series, is modeled after the Honjō Masamune blade of the Edo period and the legendary medieval Japanese blacksmith Gorō Nyūdō Masamune, who is regarded as the nation’s finest swordsmith. Because of its strength and durability, it is frequently seen in the final stages of the game.

The katana first appeared in the 1987 Final Fantasy game. Since then, it has appeared in almost all of the games in the series. It can be seen standing as the strongest weapon in Pandaemonium in Final Fantasy 2, assuming the guise of The Mystic Weapon in Final Fantasy 3, being revealed as Edge’s ultimate weapon in Final Fantasy 4, being one of the Sealed Weapons in Final Fantasy V’s Sealed Castle, and being wielded by Cyan in Final Fantasy 6 following his victory over Wrexsoul.

Masamune, who appears as an enormous Japanese ōdachi, is Sephiroth’s go-to weapon in both the Super Smash Bros. fighting game and the Final Fantasy 7 compendium. The two-handed blade’s color and design have evolved over time, going from blue and gold to all black. It typically fits the enormous stature of Cloud’s arch-enemy, which has ranged from 6″1 (185 cm) to 6″7 (200 cm).

Masamune also made appearances in Final Fantasy 9 as Zidane’s thief sword, Final Fantasy 10 as Auron’s Celestial Weapon, and Final Fantasy 15 as a pre-order bonus. Auron’s Masamune influenced the Guardian Soul Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts 2, and even the One-Winged Angel Keyblade in the Kingdom Hearts series was fashioned after Sephiroth’s Masamune.

Masamune Location

The forty-second main mission of Final Fantasy 16 called Footfalls in Ash must be completed before players can obtain the Masamune. After completing this, players will be able to enter The Kingdom of Waloed and roam around its barren wasteland, discovering a number of secret passageways, obstacles, and treasures. at order to advance the plot, Clive must pass through The Angry Gap and arrive at Eistla; however, those who want to obtain the renowned Masamune sword will have to remain there for a little while longer.

Final Fantasy XVI - Masamune Location

The quickest route to The Angry Gap is to fast-travel to Eistla and cross the westbound bridge; however, if players haven’t yet activated The Angry Gap’s Obelisk, they’ll need to walk from The Shadow Coast to The Angry Gap. After leaving The Shadow Coast and making their way to The Angry Gap, players should hug Clive’s right wall and follow it until they come to a hill that leads west.

Final Fantasy XVI - Masamune Location

After climbing the hill, Clive will come across a little opening in the wall to his left, through which he can slink to discover a treasure trove and The Hand of Rhea Chronolith. The Trial by Ice, which requires Clive to rely on Shiva’s skills to combat multiple waves of adversaries, may be unlocked by interacting with the Chronlolith. Clive will be rewarded with the Masamune by opening the chest to the right.

What are the Stats of Masamune

The Masamune is one of the greatest swords in the late game when equipped, giving 310 Attack and 310 Stagger. Having said that, as the Ragnarok is marginally more potent than the Masamune, players who had unlocked it before to their trip to Waloed won’t actually need it.

Final Fantasy XVI - Masamune Location

The only method to raise the Masamune’s power is to give Clive an accessory that increases his attack because it cannot be reinforced. This can be accomplished using the Badge of Might and the Genji Gloves, but if you want to see a significant boost in damage, you might want to create the Ragnarok first, and then the Gotterdammerung, which is the strongest weapon in Final Fantasy 16’s basic game.


Can you upgrade Masamune ff16?

The only method to raise the Masamune’s power is to give Clive an accessory that increases his attack because it cannot be reinforced.

Where is the ancient sword in ff16?

In Final Fantasy 16, the Steps of the Forgotten of the Dhalmekian Republic include a chest that contains the rare lootable weapon known as the Ancient Sword.

How do you get Excalibur in ff16?

After assisting Mid with her project during the main mission Out of the Shadow, you can begin the Blacksmith’s Blues II side quest, which must be finished in order to access the Excalibur Design Draft. After assisting Mid, proceed to the Reading Table in Clive’s Chambers in The Hideaway to retrieve the Missive About Blackthorne.

Can you get different weapons in ff16?

Weapons can be found in chests, Charon’s Toll, The Black Hammer, side missions, main quests, and chests. The Ultima weapon is the only one that you cannot find on your first game.

Is Leviathan in ff16?

In Final Fantasy XVI, Leviathan, the Warden of Water, is a lost Eikon. Leviathan does not appear anywhere other than in the Circle of Malius cult murals because it vanished a long time ago.