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The Tree Trotters (TTTPIG)- Bio, Face Reveal, Wallpaper and Much More


In this article we will be looking on every aspect of TTTPIG- the tree trotters and pig. This streamer calls himself as pig because he loves pig as he thinks pigs are best animal. While, TTT is his Gorilla Tag competitive team that helps him and team was created by DAN in March 2021.

TTTPIG favourite color is purple and he is strong christian. He is only running his one channel on Youtube. We have shared below about his bio such as, income, fanbase and real name etc.

tttpig gorilla tag color code

So, in one of his youtube short he announced his actual colour code to be 407 instead of 519. Because on reddit some gorilla tag players have been saying that tttpig gorilla tag color code is 519 but it is not.

tttpig gorilla tag wallpaper

Here are some of the tttpig gorilla tag wallpapers that you can use on your iphone, android or any phone. You can also download them by clicking right button on image and save it as to your Laptop or computer. If you are using it on your mobile phone then just hold on the photo for a second and it will be downloaded.

tttpig gorilla tag wallpaper

Click Here to download

This is a high resolution tttpig gorilla tag wallpaper for fans wearing christmas hat. You can save it to your device and show your love for ttpig, also you may share your thoughts with via contact us page.

Here present to you gorilla tag wallpaper gif of tttpig.

gorilla tag wallpaper gif

tttpig gorilla tag gif

Click to download


Bio of TTTPIG gorilla tag

tttpig gorilla tag net worth

We can not tell the true net worth of him but we can give you an estimation from his channel. Since he has got as of today 26 million views (25,972,283) with with 145 videos. As average per million views income is $5,000 – 7,000 from youtube he has earned around $130,000.

Also, he has started membership for support of his channel on youtube. Packages are as described below:

  • Piglet: $3.99/month
  • Insane Piglet: $9.99/month
  • Ultimate Piglet: $24.99/month

You must be 13+ to join these subscriptions.

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tttpig gorilla tag real name

His real name is still unknown and will be shared here as soon as it is revealed.

how old is tttpig

The exact age is still unknown but according to some fans his age is said to be around 23 and he is from USA.

His email to contact is:

tttpig face reveal

He has said that he will do a face reveal as soon as he gets 1 Million subscribers. Right now he has only 350k fanbase and he is gonna need more 650k and then he will do face reveal. So, we all hope he gets 1 million subscribers as soon as possible.

Profile picture of tttpig

Here is the current tttpig pfp on his youtube channel.

tttpig settings

He used to play on 45 hz but not now

tttpig gorilla tag avatar

Who is the best gorilla tag player ever?

TTTPIG has been seen so far as the best gorilla tag player ever. Since he has a fanbase of 350k on Youtube as of today.