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Final Fantasy XVI: Belphegor Hunt Location Guide


Many Hunts have quest requirements. The rewards from the many Hunts in Final Fantasy XVI are invaluable. Some of Final Fantasy XVI’s Hunts, like Belphegor, are completely random encounters. That’s how it was for me, anyway. In Final Fantasy XVI, Belphegor is a B-rank Hunt that offers a respectable bounty and few ability points. In Final Fantasy 16, players can join this crusade by searching for and acquiring Notorious Marks, and if you’re looking for information on where to find the Belphegor and how to defeat it, you’ve come to the right place.

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Where To Find Belphegor

Once the main objective, The Gathering Storm, has been completed, players can begin the bounty hunt for Belphegor. You’ll have a much better notion of where to find this beast after visiting Nektar at the cave. Simply travel to Rosaria’s Broken Hilt area, and look for it on a hill above the eastern path’s terminus.

Final Fantasy XVI: Belphegor Guide

How To Beat Belphegor

Players still learning the battle ropes will find the Belphegor more challenging than earlier hunts like Aruna. As a result, these assaults must be taken seriously:

  • Belphegor’s close-combat repertoire includes a whirling tail whip and two fast swipes with its claws. Parrying the second swipe is possible for the brave, but dodging all three assaults is the safer bet.
  • The beast can either launch three fireballs at rapid succession or rear back and attack with flaming breath from a distance. Players may easily sidestep or use Heatwave to counter the former, while the latter provides an opening to get in some free hits once the assault has been avoided.
  • Belphegor will use wind magic to attack if its health is low enough. Be careful of the added speed of diving attacks and counter them whenever possible.

Final Fantasy XVI: Belphegor Guide

After taking a three-hit combo from Belphegor, you should always look to capitalize while it is still vulnerable and in place. Like most hunts, the best way to damage Belphegor is by using Eikonic Abilities and Staggered mode, so don’t hold back.

When Belphegor is vanquished, the player receives 700 Experience Points, 60 Abilities, 8000 Gold, and 20 Renown. Two Dragon Talons, which can be used in various ways, will also be included.

Final Fantasy XVI Belphegor Hunt tips & tricks

You will be familiar with Belphegor’s attacks if you have ever battled a wyvern or lesser dragon in Final Fantasy XVI. I didn’t see it switching up its routine all that often, however. When Belphegor initially thrashes around, he will use his standard double-strike claw attacks and fireballs.

Final Fantasy XVI: Belphegor Guide

Eventually, Belphegor will change its moves ever-so-slightly. Like the Griffin Hunt’s intended prey Dozmare, it will whip up a windstorm before diving for the kill. To avoid being hit by Clive’s counterattack, you should do what the Griffin did and wait for him to recover from the wind. Just stay calm and keep slashing at Belphegor until he’s dead.


Where to find Severian ff16?

The Severian Notorious Mark will appear on the Hunt Board once the major plot mission, After the Storm, has been completed. Gather everything up and head to Rosaria. To find Severian engaged in combat, travel west of Martha’s Rest and north of Sorrowise.

Where can I find the Griffin in Final Fantasy 16?

The Dozmare griffin can be found in the southeast corner of Norvent Valley, which can be accessed from Lostwing village through the southern path. Reach the end of the passageway to call down the griffin and begin the battle.

Where is the White Dragon in ff16?

In the White Dragon combat of Final Fantasy 16, you face off against an ice-infused dragon that has been terrorizing the streets of The Crystalline Dominion as part of the major plot mission Fire in the Sky.

Where is the bomb king in ff16?

The Bomb King can be found in The Crock in Sanbreque, which is east of The Dragon’s Aery and north of The Imperial Chase if you start ‘Weird Science’ and check the Hunt Board. The quickest way to reach the Bomb King is to fast travel to The Dragon’s Aery obelisk and then head south.