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Redfall – All Three Missing Doll Locations


There will be moments when you have to deal with simpler things in addition to slaying vampires and engaging in epic fights with vampire gods. You must therefore, locate three dolls of the director of Aevum Laboratories while exploring Addison Mansion. At this point, players can go upstairs and open Amelia’s room. The vampire sleeping in the room directly across the hall needs to be dealt with. You can learn about Redfall’s three missing doll locations by reading this article:

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All Three Missing Doll Locations

To the east of the home, in the greenhouse, is where players can locate the first doll. The person keeping watch over the courtyard area right outside the east doors of the mansion is someone you should be wary of. The first doll may be discovered on the edge of the rear left planter as players enter the greenhouse.

Redfall - All Three Missing Doll Locations

It is recommended that players go back inside the mansion in order to locate the second doll. Players will locate a pantry room leading into the kitchen as they explore the first floor and move toward the southern end of the house. The second doll and some handy stake launcher ammunition are on the counter in the center of the room, along with a cutting board. Once you’ve taken the second doll, return upstairs. The loft key may be found in the master bedroom, which is located right above the kitchen, for players to use.

Redfall - All Three Missing Doll Locations

Proceed to the second-floor loft located at the summit of the main staircase and open the door. Steal from the supply crate on the left at the top of the stairs and ascend the left staircase to the attic storeroom. Enter the following chamber, where players can interact with multiple readable notes. After perusing the entire chamber, players are free to move to the east and peer up through the wooden beams supporting the ceiling.

It is best to eliminate the vampires that are dozing in the rafters before proceeding to the next chamber. Now that the chamber to the south has been reached, players can go toward the back of the attic (be sure to loot the travel bag on the left before the doorway). The final doll will be located on the rug inside the playhouse, and players will find themselves in a child’s play area with hanging lights at the very end of the room.

Redfall - All Three Missing Doll Locations

After obtaining all three dolls, return to Amelia’s chamber. Three doll silhouettes that match the locations of the dolls in the mansion will be included in the dollhouse. Engage with every outline to insert the dolls. At this point, players can go inside the dollhouse to finish the “House of Echoes” task in its entirety.


Where is Amelia’s room key in Redfall?

Go to Addison’s lab on the first floor’s northeast corner and take the key to Amelia’s room from his desk. At this point, players can go upstairs and open Amelia’s room. The vampire that is sleeping in the room directly across the hall needs to be dealt with.

Where is Dr Addison’s lab key in Redfall?

To get into the attic, climb the second story steps. At the summit of the loft area is the last Sin Eater. It may be sent teleporting throughout the attic region by leaping up to it. If you defeat it, Addison’s Lab Key and the last Psychic Echo will drop.

Where are the dolls in Addison Mansion?

To find it, just search the first floor of the mansion, being careful to stay clear of any enemies. The third and last doll is located in the mansion’s attic, which is a little more difficult to get than the kitchen and greenhouse.

Is Redfall a horror game?

Redfall isn’t truly a survival horror game, despite the vampires—that may seem very Umbrella Corporation circa Resident Evil 2. “It’s more of an open-world shooter, and it’s a different experience whether you play solo or co-op, even though it’s the same missions,” he stated.

Is Redfall 60fps?

Redfall’s fix for 60 frames per second is functional, but it’s not the happy ending we were expecting. Real progress in a lot of areas, but a lot of problems still exist. Redfall was a significant 2023 Microsoft exclusive that wasn’t well received by reviewers or players.