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Find Out Any Car’s Manufacturing Date in 4 Simple Steps


While car dealers don’t take a second to flaunt the car features and latest accessories added, they will hesitate to reveal the car manufacturing date. This is more in the case of pre-owned cars.

But, as a prospective buyer, you must be aware of the car’s manufacturing date to make sure you’re placing your bet on the right item.

In this post, we’ll talk about one sure shot way to find out the actual car’s manufacturing date in 4 simple steps. The process is so easy that you don’t have to push the dealer or seller to reveal the information and there are no chances of knowing the wrong manufacturing details. 

So, let’s get started!

Why Should One Know Their Car’s Manufacturing Details?

Before we delve deep into details, let’s explain why knowing the car’s actual manufacture date is important for a buyer.

Each machine comes with a certain lifecycle. It’s true in the case of cars as well. Car engines, bodies, and other machinery used also have a certain lifecycle and one is advised not to use the car once that lifecycle ends as odds of accidents or mishaps increase.  

Knowing the exact manufacturing year will help a buyer to figure out how many years s/he has in their hands.  

For instance, if a car is already 10 years old and you’re going to buy it then keep in mind that within two or three years, you will again have to sweat yourself to hunt down another car.

This is why one should be bothered to know about the car’s manufacturing date.

How Is It Possible to Check a Car’s Manufacturing Date?

Checking the accurate manufacturing date of a car is as easy as clapping if you know the car’s, you must buy a VIN decoder and decode your VIN. 

VIN is like a car’s DNA and holds crucial information like the car’s manufacturing location, year of manufacturing, and manufacturer’s details.

Along with the manufacturing details, it tells you about the type of engine used, body type, model of the car, and serial number. Knowing such crucial information allows a buyer to check the claimed authenticity of the vehicle.

If you’re wondering what a VIN looks like and how to spot it, VIN is a 10-character long code, featuring a unique combination of digits and characters. It can be started with a digit or with a character.

As far as spotting VIN is concerned, you can find it on documents like insurance cards and registration papers. You can also spot it on the vehicle itself. 

There are multiple places like under the windshield of the driver’s side, on the engine block, on the fender, underside of the hood, and under the driver side’s car door. Most of the manufacturers mention the VIN on these places only. 

How to figure out which character stands for the manufacturing year?

Of course, one is bound to get confused when there are 17 characters and you don’t know which means what. This is why we’re going to teach you to decode the VIN manually.

First, you divide your car’s VIN into three sections. The section should feature the first three characters, the next seven characters should form the second section, and the remaining eight characters will form the third section.

To know the exact car’s manufacturing years’ details, you need to pay attention to the 10th character, which represents the manufacturing year, and the 12th character, which denotes the month of manufacturing.

Once you note down the characters mentioned on these two positions, you have to refer to the official resources to find out what that code represents in actuality.

Sounds easy, right? But, it’s not that simple.

Such manual decoding of VIN and finding out the car’s manufacturing details are too time-consuming and is bound to be erroneous as:

  • One can note down the wrong VIN
  • Wrong code interpretations can be done

Having wrong knowledge is worse than having no knowledge at all. So, what’s the way out?

Well, we have something to tell that might interest you.

Try Online VIN Decoders

There are online VIN decoders that one can use to find out all the hidden information accurately and quickly. Chevy VIN Decoder has been thousands’ favorite for very long as it houses a wide range of data, easy to use, is backed with high-end technology, and is free to use.


As long as you enter the accurate VIN details in it, you’ll get only the right information. There is no installation and set-up involved in it. It’s a plug-and-play tool, saving a huge deal of time & effort.

Here are those 4 simple steps to be followed to know the car’s manufacturing year:

Step #1 – Access Chevy VIN Decoder on your device, using any of the compatible browsers.

Step #2 – Enter the car’s VIN.

Step #3 – Click ‘Enter’ and wait while the result is getting ready for you.

Step #4 – Download the VIN report as useful as you please

It was that easy; wasn’t it?

There is no need to search through the references to find out which code refers to what Chevy VIN Decoder will do that for you.  

As the results are analyzed by an ultra-modern AI, there is no chance of errors. You don’t have to wait for long to get the results as it is super speedy and does the job with full perfection.

The Final say

An informed buyer is a wise buyer. By knowing the VIN, you can know tons of things about a vehicle, and the manufacturing year is one of them. Manual decoding of VIN is time-consuming and has high error chances. 

This is why it’s wise to decode the VIN automatically. 

Chevy VIN Decoder is a wise choice to make as it is backed with high-end AI and is free to use. Thousands of people have already used it and have made a smart purchase. You can also do that. Try it once and we promise not to disappoint you at all.

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