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Remember Free PS5, PS4 Shooter XDefiant? It’s No Longer a Tom Clancy Game


Shooter with ties to Tom Clancy that is available for free. Despite the fact that the game’s title contains an emoji, the game will no longer be connected with the late author of espionage novels, James Bond. A quick glance at the game’s official website reveals that it is now simply referred to as XDefiant, and there is no mention of Tom Clancy or the Tom Clancy moniker in the title. In case it wasn’t clear, we tried the CTRL + F combo.

The Tom Clancy prefix hasn’t been used by French publisher Ubisoft in a long time, according to PlayStation Lifestyle, but if you look back at past key art for the game, it’s still clearly evident on the artwork. So it shouldn’t be surprising to hear that the creator, if his name were associated to the effort, would be “rolling in his grave.”

To clarify, there is currently no information available on when the game will be launched. Closed beta tests are already taking place, with the latest round of tests set to begin this week on PC. Visit the official website of the title if you are interested in taking part in the competition. Ubisoft hasn’t always had the best of luck when it comes to free-to-play initiatives in the past, as seen by the cancellation of the Hyper Scape project earlier this year. To be quite honest, we don’t have high hopes regarding how well this one will fare on the market.