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Find The Funken In Roblox – Find All the Funken in Roblox


Find The Funken is a popular Roblox game that has taken the gaming world by storm. Many gamers are interested to know about the Funken character locations in the game. In this guide, we will help our readers to find Funken without much trouble.

Complete Quests To Find Funken

If you want to unlock the Funken character, then you can do so by completing the quests offered in the Roblox game. The players are provided with a wide range of quests in the game. However, not all of the quests award you with Funken. If you keep on trying new quests, then you might hit the jackpot of finding Funken one day.

Check Out The Full Maze 

The full maze in the virtual world will help you to find Funken. It might be difficult for you to find the character in the maze but once you find the maze you can spot the character instantly.

Skate in the Snow Pump

The snow pumps are often seen in Find the Funken but many gamers don’t know that you can find Funken by skating in the snow pump. Take up the challenging task of skating in the snow and you’re your favorite Funken right there.

Claim Santa

Claiming Santa will allow you to get awarded with the Funken in Find The Funken. Just like Santa in the real world, you can get a lot of benefits from Santa in the Roblox games as well. By claiming the Santa the players will be able to meet Funken.

Get In Touch With The Texture Boy

When you enter a special zone why not rest for some time? Take an exit and you will teleport somewhere intriguing. This is where you can get in touch with the texture boy. You will find plenty of buildings but continue walking towards the next zone. Right there you can claim a new character. It will be blue and not red.

Check through the Minecraft Zone

You guys will need to go into the army base and let’s check through everywhere. With the help of a button, you can grab a mine craft sword. It looks cool and has got all the textures relating to mine craft.

Hang around there for some time and you can check out the entire mine craft zone. Players will be happy to have some diamonds over there. When you collect them, it will be time to exit the mine craft world.

By moving up to the top of the tower you will find random parkour. Never mind the teleporters as there will be plenty of them. You can catch up with the corrupt Pico over here.

Complete your tour in the Parkour areas

There are at least six Parkour areas and you can check all of them to find the funken. It is necessary to find the right code. By adding zero, four, or nine you can enter a new area. If this doesn’t work try using the 999 code.

Wrap Up

You can get all the different characters inside Roblox and find the Funkin too. Simply follow the tips and tricks mentioned up and you can enjoy the game!