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How to Find all 110 Bacons in Find The Bacons – Roblox


In this guide you can find all the 110 bacons just by following the full guide.

Water bacon 

The first bacon that you will have to look for is the water bacon. It is a simple claim and you just have to spot it to claim it. Once you do that you will be able to get the water bacon.

Rock Park bacon

Rock park is located under the rock and you have to break the rock to get this bacon out. It will fall off from the rock and come out in the open.

Lead Bacon

You will have to press the yellow button to get hold of the leaf bacon. You will have to teleport back to spawn and catch this bacon.

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Panda Bacon 

The location of panda bacon is confusing but if you put in all your efforts then you can probably find it in the game. Panda bacon can be found on the bamboo and will pop out once you find his location. The bamboo Parco is full of mystery and you will have to invest some effort to get the Panda bacon out of it.

Diamond bacon 

Diamond bacon is located in the secret room of the house. You will see a huge yard where there are several bacons hidden. To find the diamond bacon you will have to climb up the wall.

Fly Bacon

Just like the name suggests the fly bacon will be located at the top of the buildings. It is a visually appealing bacon with angelic wings. Once you climb above the tall buildings you will be able to find the Fly bacon.

Rainbow bacon

Rainbow bacon is found in the rooms surrounded by colorful walls. Once you find the fly bacon you will get the ability to fly to any part of the game. To find the Rainbow bacon you have to enter the secret code of a mysterious room. The code you have to enter is 3985.

Glitch Bacon

Let’s move ahead and jump up right now. Here you are going to teleport to another room and try to find the glitch bacon. It may hurt your eyes a little as you will find this bacon after some time. Once this is done you need to move back to the city.

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Garbage Bacon

When you are moving into the new level of the game a lot of bacon locations will unfold. Inside the two distinctive buildings, you will move back and forth. There you will catch up with a garbage can. This is where you can claim the garbage bacon.

Cashier and Mug Bacon

Next up is the cashier bacon and you can enter inside the room that has a simple exit. Cashier bacon will sit right there in the room. Mug bacon is up next and the player will have to jump for a while to get closer to it.

Skate and Bee Bacon

The player will have to teleport back to spawn right now. If you try to teleport right now it’s not going to kill you anyway. Let’s now move towards the skate park and there you can find the skate bacon. There is some other bacon over here that includes bee bacon.

Zombie Bacon

It may take a little while to find the next zombie as the player will have to walk toward the graveyard. Try checking the left and right graves if possible. You will find it interesting to get in touch with the zombie bacon.

Rusty and Snow Bacon

When you move ahead there will be many interesting kinds of bacon coming up. Start walking straight towards the rusty bacon. Where exactly you will find this bacon? You have the option to purchase some bacon if you wish to.

Next up is the snowman bacon which is nice and simple. It will be challenging to move out of the ice parkour though. Make sure you have the right techniques to use in this location.

Santa Bacon

The player must climb up the ladder to find the Santa bacon. You will be happy to know that this bacon is very sweet and charming. When you find a new location your points will go up too.

The first bacon you can find on the tree use the ladder to climb up and get your wooden bacon. You can easily find fly bacon and shy bacon head towards campsite and get your camping bacon.

Now go up towards clouds and get your cloud bacon from there. It is time to get mom and child bacon which you can find on the ground because she abandoned her child.

You can find the sleeping bacon in the bed also just go to the room and get your Tv bacon. Photo bacon can be collected by finding the poster. When you find some apples you can go and get your apple bacons from there.

A bacon that will be milking the cows in the farm is called uncle bacon. Now head towards the purple room to find your piggy bacon as it is hiding in there. Sometime you have to die to collect more bacons, look for bacons behind trees as you will find saucy bacon from behind the tree.

There are some rocks in the ground go and find your water bacons from the rocks. Though getting the fish bacon is little bit difficult as you get killed many times while you are trying to jump and get it you migh fall in the water or get hit by wooden piece.

Head towards beach to find beach bacon, alexa bacon and flag baccon. Beach bacon will be easily available and you can see it on the beach while you will have to climb up the flag to get the flag bacon.

Find the grandpa bacon outside of the barn and enter in the barn there you will find egg bacon, sad bacon on the second floor of the barn.

After you finished collecting bacons from barn now had to the farm here you will find cowboy bacon while exploring the farm which will be next to the horse and a little girl bacon.

Go to houses near the farm to collect quarantine bacon, gamer bacon and gd dika bacon. You will also find many bacons hiding around the horizon just jump in and collect the glass bacon. Also there is a tiny cabin where you can find rubik’s bacon and snowman bacon.

Now head up to the ice pillar all you have to do is just keep jumping so that you don’t get slippy. Don’t fall and go up the ladder get your ice bacon. Here you need to go to santa sleigh and you will find your santa bacon.

Lets move on to the city now to collect other bacons, collect the cleaner bacon siting next to the garbage. Police bacon will be found near the police cars and in the police cars there is also robber bacon. Ice cream seller girl bacon can be found as it is the girl that is selling the ice cream in the city.

In the Skate park other bacons can be found like skate bacon and body builder bacon.

Wrap Up

If you want to find all the bacon in Roblox then you cannot afford to miss out on this post. We have shared information about all the locations of Bacons in the Roblox video game. This guide will assure that you find all of them while enjoying Roblox!