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Brookhaven Roblox Secrets New Update 2022


Brookhaven Roblox Secrets

Nowadays online gaming has become very popular. It is a reliable way to make friends and gain a good gaming experience. A lot of people can bond over the same adventures. It helps discuss various tips and tricks for the game. Roblox is an entertaining game and you can try it if you haven’t as yet. This game is popular among all age groups. Today we will discuss all the Brookhaven Roblox secrets. So let’s get started and dive into all the details:

Secrets In Brooklyn From Start To Finish

Are you interested to know about 200 secrets in Brookhaven? We have all the answers. The first step is to go down to the basement and right there you find a secret book. You have the option to hide this book anywhere you like. Here is another secret with the book but that’s a secret button. It will help you activate and open a secret instantly.

The basement is more like a meeting area or a secret house. Right over there you see a glowing press and simply press it. Start running across the wall and drop down anytime you sense danger. You will then enter a secret room. The best part is that there are plenty of sticker rooms that also involve a mysterious laptop. Inside the basement, everything will look cool.

Players will witness some light source and enter into the entryway as it is perfectly made. There are some hiding places inside, especially the cave. If this isn’t enough, you can glitch into the attic of the fire station. You can do that by placing a bed over there and jumping all you want.

Just keep in mind that you will come across plenty of interesting things around this area.  In the cave, you can start moving towards the attic of the fire station. The next important step is to look for a bank card as it will help you in various things.

Use your Bank Card To Make Your Way Into The Second Floor

With the help of a bank card, you can make access to the second floor. Robbing the bank here will become easy. However, we don’t recommend the players do so. You can start by opening up your account and getting any card that you are looking for. There is a blue and red card and you can use any of them at the ATM. By taking some money out you can use it for other stuff in the game.

There is cash inside and you get your money. Now the question arises that how you are going to pick this up? You can jump inside the secret room and use a sleeping bag or a ladder. Once you keep moving you will get to see a photo of Mr. Brookhaven. Wow! This is more like a crazy mystery at the top of the roof.

Find and Activate Some Crystals

Inside the church, you will come across a sleeping bag. When you take a look inside it will be easy to get some secret energy crystals. This is one of the first mysteries related to Mr. Brookhaven. It was placed by himself and you need to use the secret button behind the casket to activate all the crystals.

There comes another secret path on the other side of the wall. You can jump all you want and get to witness a brand new mystery. If you see any danger coming up just hide behind the bathroom. Even though it is a creepy place and you may feel terrified but just keep moving.

If you don’t find this place trustworthy why not hide in the cabinets of the brooks diner. Here you find another secret that is the movie theater. Players can look for a secret movie code and use it to play the movie all they want.

Take Care Of Your Vehicles

If you feel threatened use the emergency button inside the plane. This is how you get your parachute that you can use as many times as you want. If this isn’t enough, you can use a diving board or a bike too. However, you need to be a little careful as you cannot drop too many vehicles on the citizens of Brookhaven.

If there is a problem with the vehicle you can simply stop at the auto shop. The surprising part here is that it is popularly known as the criminal base. It will be easy to access this area right away. Suppose you are running out of fuel, just remember you can fill it up instantly. Your cars will consume a lot of gas as you move towards finding some new secret mysteries.

Enter Into The Drive-Through

Whenever the player feels hungry or wants to energize, try to get a burger or something from the drive-through. Nearly all the players who order their favorite food will be featured in photos. This is the first important secret that you will reveal here.

The Brookhaven diner has a lot of interesting things to offer. It is a popular hub of a tesla. Get your electrical vehicles charged there and this is a cool feature for sure.

You can use two teslas-like vehicles in Brookhaven. One is a cyber-truck while the other is a vehicle with model XYZ.

Maneuver Your Way Into The Secret Area

Want to explore a new secret area? Maneuver your way into the perfect spot with a secret movie code. It is an easy and relaxing place with a bed. Players can get a movie that is placed right at the bottom. The movie code will be in a shack and you watch another reel film.

If you are on the floor you may not be able to get a good view of the movie. You can play the movie on your server too. Many players don’t realize that it is Brookhaven in reality. The best part is that you can change the theme and season of this Brookhaven area.

Use Character Customization

Players can use the character customization button to change their look.  When you change the color of your skin it will blend better with the surroundings. You can either use green or some other colors to give a vibrant effect.

Get Into The Secret Room

Players can use a key to enter the secret rooms in the motel. The secret key card will help you get easy access to Brookhaven electric. You will witness a photo of the agency members. Even in the Frat house, you will see a similar photo. The surprising part here is that you can get a secret report from the x-ray machine. This machine is placed right in the center of the secret room.

Try and Teleport Yourself

The table that holds a secret message will help you teleport yourself. You will arrive in an unknown area and find yourself in a quantum power energy. It ties into the lore of Brookhaven. You can even decide to play with the arcade machine.

Right underneath the stool back to the frat house, you can play the machine. You will now move into a frozen place just like you are still playing the arcade. Players can grab the theory book from here and gather other rewards.

Find the mystery of Green Man

Green Man has a horrible fate. If you want to know his secret it is necessary to explore him. There are multiple areas where you will have to experiment and get to know more about him. You can get a healthy medicine here, especially where you find the agency logo.

Surprisingly this area is super suspicious as you get to see some scattered billboards. Don’t forget to edit some of the stones there even though it feels creepy. The graveyard is freaky and it can bring some bad luck to you as well. Make sure you don’t knock the creepy casket as it is not a favorable spot for the players. There are no trees in the Brookhaven apples but you can change the color of the leaves to brown.

Change The Theme Of the Maps

You can change the theme of the map to purple or any other pretty color. The war theme will add up a lot more to the Roblox game. Fortunately, you can hide in every tree of Brookhaven that you have created yourself. However, none of them will be decent or solid though. While hiding in the places make sure you shrink yourself.

As you move downwards there is a shopping cart. You can purchase things and dress up like a real-life guard in Brookhaven. Another secret area in the game is the daycare. You can use some baby stuff being an adult.

Move Into Police Captain Area

While playing hide and seek in the daycare you can get in touch with the police captain area. The captain has a red secret button under the desk. You can use it for an emergency and for other purposes too. Don’t forget to play basketball in the courtyard as it feels relaxing. If you are working as a police officer there, keep your weapons in perfect condition.

Find A New Secret Behind The Fridge

If you want to find out about the mysteries in the game, then you can use the helicopter to fly to a different world in the game. Many players don’t know that there is a hidden secret behind the fridge.

It can be a great hiding location for the players who don’t want to be located. You can also check out the washer and the dryer as it also has some secrets trapped inside them.

Make The House Baby Friendly

Customizing in the Roblox can make your game more entertaining and this is why you should make every effort to make the virtual world baby-friendly. You can add some interesting stuff for the babies. It is best to get rid of all the sleeping bags and tents that are trolling you all the time. There are several other secrets that you will have to reveal to unlock more levels in the game.

Activate the crystal in the Church

There is a bell in the church that you need to ring to activate the crystals hidden in the Church. The vampire house is full of crystals but they might not be useful for you in the game. It is best to unlock the crystals in the Church by ringing the bell.

Unlock The Black Book

In the secret room, you will find a bed. Beside this bed, you can explore the hidden black book. This book has several secrets that will allow you to explore the new levels and challenges of the game. You will also spot some small chairs that you will have to remove to unlock the black book.

Trap Players by Disabling the pool

The players want to trap the in-game players in the pool as this allows them to gain more points and move forward. In the creepy house, there is a big poolside area. This area holds a massive secret of locking and trapping the players. You can trap the players by disabling all the activities in the pool. This will trap them and stop the players to hinder your progress or activities.

Trap People In The Plant Rooms

The secret room has another room that will lead you to a safe location to hide. It is the perfect hiding place that will allow you to hide inside the virtual world. You will find a plant room which is the best place to trap people.

Hide By Laying In The Coffin

The van might not be enough for the players to hide their identity. This is why it is best to lay in the coffin to hide. You will have to get your hands on the game passes of the horse game to be able to lay in the coffin.

Hack The Camera

If you want to explore new secrets in the game, then it would be a great idea to hack the innovative camera. By clicking on the camera you can customize the game and change it according to your needs.

camera and you click it this is going to change something in the

Wrap Up

In this guide, we have explained the Brookhaven Roblox secrets. By consulting this guide, you will be able to beat the levels of the game.