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Find the Pop Tarts Roblox


Find the Pop Tarts Roblox

Roblox finds the pop tarts one of the most interesting and challenging games. The players are intrigued by the challenges thrown by the video game. Roblox has added a lot of new features to this game. If you are finding it hard to find the pop tarts in the game, then you should refer to this guide. We will be listing down all the details about how to find the pop tarts in the Roblox game. Moreover you can view here free roblox items and how you can get them and continue reading.

Basic Pop-tart

The basic pop art is stuck inside the random walls and you will have to find it between the walls. Once you explore all the hidden walls you will be able to find the basic pop tart.

Pink pop-tart 

If you want to eat a pop tart then the pink pop tart is a perfect choice. It tastes amazing and will also add power and energy to your character in the game. The pink pop tart welcomes you when you open the door. You can find it in the Amazon boxes and are stuck inside the boxes.

Magic pop tart 

If you are looking for magic pop art then you will have to climb up this hill. You will find this pop art by climbing the walls up and above. The magic dimensions on the walls must be explored if you want to find this pop art.

Neon pop tart 

Neon pop-tart is found inside the itsy bitsy spider web. You have to climb from the spider webs and find the hidden neon pop art present inside the spider web. Many players don’t go inside because they fear meeting a witch inside.

Zombie pop tart

Zombie pop tart is present inside the potion in the maze. You will find a boxy cola where there is a zombie pop tart.

Picnic pop-tart

If you are looking for Picnic pop art then you will have to steal the food. The burger and other food items are all over the place. This is where you can find the picnic pop tart.

Hello wizard pop tarts 

Hello, wizard pop arts are all over the magic world. There is a lumber yard that consists of the hello wizard pop tarts. The more you explore the magic world you will get better your chance of grabbing the Hello wizard pop tarts.

Lumberjack wood plank pop tart 

The bunch of wood planks is scattered here and there. The wood plank my majesty must be collected to crack the Lumberjack wood plank pop tarts.

Three-headed pop tart 

The pop-tart with three heads can be found in the lava. If you happen to fall in the lava then the three-headed pop tart will pop out in front of you. The pop tarts are bubbling all over the place. The pop-tart potion is mythical so you will have to steal the recipe from the witch’s house

Baby pop-tart

The baby pop tart is a type of tart that is found in the snow. He is lying dead on the floor and needs to be rescued from the cold snow.

Alien pop tart

Alien pop tarts are expected to meet up in the mysterious world. Aliens are considered to be a mystery in the game and this is why you must explore the mysterious world to get your hands on the alien pop tarts.

Librarian Pop-Tart

If you are willing to find the next pop tart it will be necessary to go inside the fire. A pop tart will be staying inside the house. As a player, you will feel that tarts should get down from the house themselves. However, if it comes down it will fall and crumble into tiny pieces.

In the next scene, you will notice that there is a door that looks like a pop-tart. You will be delighted to get in touch with the librarian pop-art. It is quite big and feels more like some random stranger.

Content deleted Pop-Tart

When you move towards the roof it will be important to save another pop-tart. You will have to act like a good human and find the content deleted pop tart. This tart looks sad and there’s something green over it.

Radioactive Pop-Tart

Next up it’s the Grinch psych that is the radioactive pop-tart. Wait for a second, it looks so legendary and is wide in the open. You can say hi to this tart and get in touch with it all.

Yellow Pop-Tart

You have the yellow pop tart up next. However, it may seem boring for many players.

Night Pop-tart

Everyone is welcome to the pop-tart kingdom. In this kingdom, there is a sweetie pie who will let you enter inside. Here lives the night pop-art and you won’t like to wait to get in touch with this tart.

Thief Pop-Tart

There is a broken window outside and you will notice a rope going through it. Players will be surprised to see some money around this area. With all the money you will notice the thief tart. He is legendary as this thief is stealing your Robux.

When you look closely it is a 9 cat that used to be a pop tart before. There are plenty of houses inside the game and this particular tart can rob them all. It may turn out to be the biggest robber in the world.

Ghost Pop-Tart

Players will have to look for a hammer that is down there in one of the houses. There will be a dead pop star right there. You may be mistaken here, as it happens to be the ghost pop tart. Why is fire all around the area that looks very dangerous? Pop-tarts will start running to save themselves.

Farmer Pop-tart

As you try to save yourself from the smoke and fire there will be a barn all around. Next up will be a farmer’s pop-tart. You will have to enter a new house and look for the new pop tarts as well.

Blue House picture pop-tart

Players need to continue with their journey and look for the blue house picture pop-tart. You will find plenty of houses to rob but the most important here is the burning house.

Die-mart half-eaten Pop-tart

When you move into the burning house you will get in touch with die mart half-eaten pop-tart. However, this place will look extremely boring especially if you are waiting for something dramatic. There are no things s like fire or shops there. The house where the half-eaten pop tart lives look like the most boring one.

Bee Pop-Tart

You can move inside the bobby shop and find the hammer. Next up will be a very creepy cave. Make sure you save yourself from all the threats or you may die even before you enter the cave. Inside the cave, you will find bee pop tart.

Inverted Pop-tart

When you are inside the cave try checking out various holes. In one of the holes, you will get an inverted pop tart.


Finding Pop-tarts has never been this easy. If you are a player of Roblox you can use these tips and tricks to find pop-tarts. We hope that you find this post helpful! Do let us know in the comment section below.