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Fire Emblem Engage – How to Get Gold


Players in Fire Emblem Engage will require a large sum of money. There are a lot of things in this JRPG to spend cash on, ranging from giving to various charities to purchasing pricey goods and weaponry. It can be gathered in large quantities for gifts to the other kingdoms and to produce a variety of rewards. It also enables you to improve and buy new equipment. Finding gold isn’t always simple, though. The good news is that it’s considerably easier to build a fortune with just one potential character. You may learn how to obtain gold in Fire Emblem Engage by reading this article:

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By Selling Extra Items

Players will acquire a ton of extra weapons and gear in the beginner-friendly JRPG Fire Emblem Engage that they will never use. Sell whatever that’s left over; if a character isn’t using it, it might not be worthwhile to keep. Be careful to liquidate any additional decent weapons, unused lower-level goods, tonics, inferior healing items, and other consumables that players are unlikely to utilize.

Fire Emblem Engage - How to Get Gold

Leif Plus Luck

A Covert unit with a high Luck stat can have a strong chance of earning 1,000 gold for each kill if they have the Emblem Ring for Leif on them. When Leif is connected to a Covert unit and his Quadruple Hit Attack occurs, they have an additional chance to receive bonus cash. Leif on a high Luck Covert unit will increase these chances to such an extent that players will be able to rely on this golden payday in nearly every combat, even though it is somewhat uncommon.

How to Exploit Gold with Anna

Anna is an optional character, so if you want to use her to find riches, you’ll need to recruit her first. She is mentioned in the second paralogue, Mysterious Merchant, which is accessible in the campaign’s Chapter 7. Enhance Anna to the highest possible level in Avoid, Dodge, and Luck in order to take advantage of gold. This can be achieved by taking a few steps.  The first is to put her on the route that goes to the class of High Priests.

Fire Emblem Engage - How to Get Gold

Proficiency with Arts, Staffs, and Tomes, along with a Second Seal, are prerequisites for this class. Anna should have exceptional Dodge and Avoid ratings and an outstanding Luck rating by the time she masters the High Priest class. But you can make her even better. To do it, strengthen her relationship with Byleth, Marth, and Eirika, the three Emblems. When your bond level reaches 19, Byleth grants you access to the Luck +12 ability.

Eirika grants you Dodge +30 when your bond level reaches 19, and Marth teaches you strong Avoid abilities—the finest of which aren’t available until very late in the campaign. Intensify your relationship with each of the three Emblems as soon as you can. Inherit and apply the Dodge and Avoid abilities. Maintain Byleth’s bond to raise your Luck score. Anna also has access to Tomes because she is a High Priest. She makes excellent use of them to eliminate adversaries at a distance.

Fire Emblem Engage - How to Get Gold

Please select your preferred Tome and polish it at The Somniel’s Smithy. Then, to further increase her Dodge skill, engrave it with Echoes. Anna is incredibly helpful in combat once she is ready as mentioned before. If she sets up camp on a life-restoring pedestal, she might even be able to clear entire Skirmish maps by herself. If the option isn’t available on a map, conceal her in a thicket or similar area. It will be more difficult for enemies to strike her.


Should I promote immediately Fire Emblem Engage?

Really, you should promote whenever. Although I personally prefer to wait until level 15 or so, it’s always wonderful to have more firepower a few chapters early. It really depends on the unit, in my opinion.

Can you have a child in Fire Emblem Engage?

Characters with children can also attain “S” ranks by getting married, however they are not allowed to start a family unless they are married to My Unit.

Does difficulty matter in Fire Emblem Engage?

Playing Fire Emblem on Normal is perfectly OK because it makes it the most enjoyable when you don’t have to keep trying. Hard is a preferable difficulty setting for Engage if you’ve played other Fire Emblem games or turn-based strategy games in general.

Can anyone be any class in Fire Emblem Engage?

In Fire Emblem Engage, every character can become any class, with the exception of character-specific classes. You may transform your tanks into wyvern riders, healers into archers, and mages into knights.

How many units can you use Fire Emblem Engage?

Players in Fire Emblem Engage can select from roughly forty different units. Players will need to make sure that 14 of these units are leveled and prepared before the last chapter of Fire Emblem Engage, as most end-game maps require players to choose 14 of these units to battle with.