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One Piece Odyssey – How to Find the Crabby Port Fast Travel


Players of the role-playing adventure game One Piece Odyssey will have the opportunity to discover the Mysterious Island. As players advance through the episodes’ major quests, they will visit a wide variety of locales. In One Piece Odyssey Chapter 3, you need to get a Moving Crab from Memoria in order to navigate the Dust Ruins. You will learn how to locate the crabby port quickly and easily in this article’s one-piece odyssey:

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How to Unlock the Crabby Port Fast Travel

Crabby Port Fast Travel allows you to move quickly through the map’s desert areas. In order to move across the Desert more quickly, players will be able to interact with the Crab Signs, which are the Crabby Port signs. They can also ride on the giant crab, Lil Mover.

Players must complete the main story missions of Chapter 2 until they get to the Great Sandy Desert in order to unlock Crabby Port Fast Travel. They will then get to meet Yosai and be able to use Yosai Sign Board Fast Travel after that. You must travel to the Northern Cave in the northern part of the Great Sandy Desert after gaining access to Yosai Fast Travel.

One Piece Odyssey - How to Find the Crabby Port Fast Travel

After completing the primary missions, you will encounter Lil Mover (Giant Crab) upon exiting the Northern Cave. You will need to speak with him in order for him to permit you to cross the bridge. Once you do, you will receive a new mission that requires you to travel to the southeast portion of the Great Sandy Desert.

Follow the Red Marker on the map to find the objective spot. After you arrive, Chopper will ride up on Little Mover, and you’ll be able to use the Crabby Port Signs to cross the desert quickly.

How to Use the Crabby Port Fast Travel

You must interact with the Crabby Port sign in the desert in order to use Crabby Port Fast Traveling. A map containing all of the Crabby Port Signs that have been found will then open. To travel quickly, use any of the Crabby Port signs. All of the characters will ride Little Mover when they choose a fast travel point, and he will go there swiftly.


Where in the story is One Piece Odyssey?

Between the Wano Country Arc and the Whole Cake Island Arc is where One Piece Odyssey takes place. The quantities of the pirates’ bounties are a useful indicator of the setting of a chapter because the prices on each pirate’s head rise in response to significant One Piece story events.

How do you travel between worlds in One Piece Odyssey?

Once the feature is enabled, you may use Yoisa travel to quickly visit any of the signposts you’ve checked out thus far on your voyage by accessing the map and tapping the square button.

Can you use gear 4 in One Piece Odyssey?

Luffy will use Gear 4 in One Piece Odyssey’s Chapter Eight: Kingdom in Conflict: Battle of Dressrosa. Consequently, in order to get to the part of the narrative where Luffy and his Straw Hat crew battle Donflamingo, players must finish Chapters One through Seven.

Can you play as Nami in One Piece Odyssey?

It should come as no surprise that Nami will be playable in the upcoming One Piece: Odyssey since she is by no means a weak character.

Will Jinbei be in One Piece Odyssey?

Before Jimbei became a member of the crew, One Piece Odyssey began development. It might be argued that Jimbei’s absence from One Piece Odyssey is due to the timeframe. Jimbei only became a member of the Straw Hats during the anime’s most current story arc, which is still continuing strong and has no end in sight.