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Starfield – How to Get Adhesive


Building outposts and crafting goods both require a lot of resources, so Starfield players will always want to have an abundance of raw materials on hand for when they get the urge to produce. You should be able to locate most of them offered by vendors for a reasonable price, while others will need you to get your hands dirty and start mining. To fully enjoy Starfield, which has hundreds of planets and options, you must customize your equipment. You can learn how to obtain adhesive in Starfield by reading this article:

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What Is Adhesive?

In Starfield, adhesive is a resource that may be gathered. It cannot be made from supplies like rolls of vacuum tape or other random objects, unlike other Bethesda games. This important resource can be crafted for armor and weapon modifications.

Starfield - How to Get Adhesive

Your travels will be much easier if you upgrade your equipment, but doing so will require you to buy more adhesive. Even while adhesive isn’t always abundant in regular gameplay, it can be found if you know where to seek.

How to Get Adhesive

Since they are regarded as organic compounds, adhesives are typically found in plants as raw ingredients. Players will need to search the planetary flora for plants that provide adhesives, as opposed to the standard Fallout 4 technique of stealing office supplies. Because Starfield generates planets procedurally, it is impossible to determine with certainty whether planets have certain kinds of vegetation.

A player’s best bet is to open their scanner and begin studying, as each game varies in terms of exploring. Be sure to observe the plant density on the spacecraft scanner before setting foot on a planet. Look elsewhere if there aren’t any plants at all. A thorough analysis of a plant will reveal the materials it produces and the conditions in which it grows, providing players with a greater understanding of the kinds of planets they should seek out in the future.

Starfield - How to Get Adhesive

Purchasing glue directly from suppliers is a more dependable method. Starfield’s merchant inventories reset after a while, just like in other Bethesda games. Choose a general goods seller such as Outland in New Atlantis, purchase all of their sticky inventory, and then locate a chair or bed to relax on. In order to be sure, adjust the bar to 24 local hours by pressing the Wait or Sleep button that displays on the screen.

Adhesive packs are occasionally taken from dead human adversaries, however this is extremely uncommon. Make sure to check the bodies of legendary adversaries as they are usually where you may find them. Try to dock the last enemy ship you see in a ship combat, and then search their cargo holds and storage containers for any more resources.

Adhesives can also be found in storage chests, however as mentioned above, this is a pretty uncommon occurrence. While it’s not strictly guaranteed, players do stand a chance of finding valuable items like weapons, ammunition, armor, and other crafting supplies when they loot glue from random containers.

What is Adhesive Used for in Starfield?

Starfield - How to Get Adhesive

Adhesive is generally used to build weapon upgrades in Starfield. Although there are several weapon enhancement methods that call for glue, they barely touch the surface of the game’s enormous supply of crafting materials. Adhesive is a necessary substance to have in order to build special tools and enhance materials during your space travels. To secure your existence as well, you might need to locate resources in Starfield like nutrients or copper. As you never know what you might need later, we advise keeping any craft supplies you find.


Where can I buy adhesive for New Atlantis Starfield?

Though you will need the two-star material to unlock higher-level crafting mods, if you have spent points on the Weapon Engineer Starfield Skill, you will desire a fast way to get it. Buying adhesive from the Jemison Mercantile store on New Atlantis is the most reliable source.

Why is adhesive so hard to find Starfield?

In Starfield, adhesive isn’t a naturally occurring resource, at least not one that can be extracted from the earth. It’s found on some planets, but locating these plants is a great challenge because they can’t be found by scanning like iron, tungsten, copper, and other important resources can.

What is the best shop in Starfield?

With a large selection of commodities accessible, the UC Distribution Center and Jemison Mercantile are suggested locations for buying and selling goods in Starfield. For both treating adverse status effects and medical supplies, Reliant Medical is a reliable resource.

How do you farm XP in Starfield?

Early on in the game, finishing missions in Starfield is a dependable way to get experience points (XP). However, you can also get XP by killing monsters and creatures, exploring new systems and planets, finding and exploring new locations, and crafting and researching at workbenches.

Where is Cydonia Starfield?

In the Sol sector of Mars, you may discover Cydonia. On the star map, Sol is situated northwest of Alpha Centauri, which is home to New Atlantis and the Lodge.