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Fireflies Finished Following Frog Fan Feedback In Minecraft


The next significant update to Minecraft will be referred to as “The Wild Update,” and it will incorporate a great deal of new material that is tied to the natural world. Nevertheless, there were no fireflies! Mojang received input from players that the glowing little buggers were hazardous to frogs, which led to the decision to remove the glowing little buggers from the scheduled update. The glowing tiny buggers were meant to be the food supply for the newly added frogs. Whoops!

Even though Minecraft is not as young as it once was, it is still a very popular video game. There are millions of players, and a huge amount of content has been added to the game through the dozens and dozens of free updates that have been issued over the past decade. The upcoming update for the blocky survival game is called The Wild Update, and it will add even more content to the game, such as a new mangrove habitat and ancient towns. As is the case with all updates to Minecraft, portions of this one will be brought to the game in advance through beta releases that players can choose to participate in. Last December, Mojang added frogs. (You can trust me when I say that fans were really excited about it.)

Nevertheless, this resulted in a difficulty. The fireflies were intended for the frogs to consume, and their inclusion was planned for a subsequent release under a different category. But according to a new video that was found by GamesRadar and posted by Mojang, fans and frog lovers alike have stepped in and provided some comments on this proposal. [Credits: GamesRadar] To put it simply, they didn’t enjoy it!

Someone inquired what happened to the intended fireflies, which had been quietly rejected and were no longer part of the planned Wild Update. In the video, multiple developers at Mojang answer fan questions regarding Minecraft. One of the queries was concerning the proposed fireflies. When Mojang announced its plans to add fireflies as a primary food source for the game’s new frogs, players contacted the studio to let them know that many fireflies are actually poisonous to frogs. The producer Anna Lundgren provided the following response: “When Mojang announced its plans to add fireflies as a primary food source for the game’s new frogs.”

Therefore, in order to save the frogs and prevent any disturbances at the studio that were related to frog fans, Mojang procured a digital can of bug spray and proceeded to kill the brilliant little bastards, thereby rescuing all of the frogs in…whatever the world of Minecraft is called. Let’s get started with Minecraftia, shall we?

Therefore, when the Wild Update is ultimately made available some time this year, it will have all of the mud and frogs that players have been anticipating, but it will not include any firefly.