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Five Productivity Tools That You Will Need in 2022 and Why


Productivity Tools

Well, we’re officially in 2022, and with every new year come new professional requirements. This year, we think productivity tools are going to be more productive than ever, especially with the work-from-home business model becoming the norm for many businesses.

Productivity apps allow for better team communication and collaboration, contributing to both individual and collective productivity levels. Below, we’ve listed five of the top apps for improving you and your team’s productivity in 2022 that we think everyone will be using.

Five Productivity Apps You’re Bound To Need in 2022

  1. Spike conversational email app

Spike is the world’s first conversational email app. What does that mean, you ask? Well, imagine if you could read and reply to all your emails as if they were texts or instant messages — Spike lets you do just that.

When you sign up for Spike, you can sync multiple email accounts and start replying to everything in a conversational manner, either from your desktop or mobile device.

When you receive an email via Spike, the app removes stiff formalities, repeating headers, signatures, and other content that clutters threads and often makes email such a pain to check and respond to.

With Spike, dealing with your inbox is as easy as using a real-time chat app. And, as if that weren’t enough, Spike also has a bunch of other built-in productivity and collaboration features, such as team notes with live chat and collaboration, tasks that automatically notify you of updates, video conferencing, and more.

Why you need Spike in 2022: more people than ever are working remotely at least part time in 2022, which is why having all-in-one productivity and collaboration tools like Spike is indispensable. Plus, there’s no other app that does what Spike does in terms of “chatifying” your email inbox!

  1. Trello Kanban project management app

Trello is a web-based project management app that employs the Kanban project management methodology to help you and your team organize tasks on different project boards.

The Kanban methodology, originally from Japan, has gained traction all over the world in recent years because of how efficient it is for designing, managing, and improving workflows for just about any type of work.

With Trello, you create different Kanban boards, which you can just think of as bulletin boards. On each board, you’re free to create as many different columns as needed to show where different tasks are in the workflow. For example, you could use “to-do,” “in progress”, and “in QA” to label your columns.

Within each column, you create cards for the individual tasks that need to be done. These can include all the relevant data, such as who’s responsible, what the due date is, a task description, and anything else you need to get the job done.

Why you need Trello in 2022: Project management software is a great way to hold everyone accountable and identify bottlenecks in workflows, and Trello is project management software that anyone can use because it’s so simple, intuitive, and visual.

  1. Calendly meeting scheduling app

Scheduling meetings is something that should be simple, but oftentimes it isn’t. Different people rely on different calendar systems and other organizational tools, which can make it difficult to book meetings and sync them to everyone’s calendars.

Calendly lets you sync your calendar to the app, so it automatically knows when you’re free and when you’re not. Then, it gives you a unique link that you can include in your email signature, on your website, or send out as needed, which allows anyone to click on it and select a time on your calendar to book you for a meeting.

Why you need Calendly in 2022: Virtual meetings will continue to account for the majority of work meetings in 2022, so being able to schedule them without a bunch of back-and-forth will be of the utmost importance this year.

  1. Zoom video conferencing app

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past two years, you probably already know all about Zoom. It seems to be the hottest video conferencing app right now, and it looks like it will continue to be widely used for personal and professional video meetings for the foreseeable future.

Why you need Zoom in 2022: Zoom isn’t even the best video conferencing app out there, but you will need it simply because of how many other people are using it right now — we guarantee someone is going to ask you to meet via Zoom this year!

  1. Grain Zoom meeting recording app

Since you’re bound to be using Zoom in 2022, you might as well get Grain, which integrates seamlessly with Zoom to let you record meetings and create clips of the most relevant parts. That way, you can refer to them later or share them with team members who didn’t make it to the meeting.

Why you need Grain in 2022: video meetings are an integral part of doing business these days, but conversations are easily forgotten. Grain lets you capture key information discussed and share it as needed.