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Foolproof Tips for Instagram Growth


Growth on social media platforms is especially important to brands because of the advantages that come with it. Besides bringing more attention and awareness to your brand, there is a possibility that a new follower may become a customer and even better, a repeat customer. One of the best platforms for business to grow on is Instagram which allows you to share your journey with several users. The businesses that do best on Instagram post often, tag other accounts and use hashtags.

With over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms across the globe. It allows users to share photos, videos and text with several different features and effects that make content more eye-catching and entertaining. Since so many people are joining the social media giant, how does a business stand out? Amidst all the noise, how do you catch that lurking follower? These tips will get your business in front of users and create more engagement around your business.

Use Instagram Reels

The world of social media is very competitive and Reels is one of the indicators of how competitive it can get. Reels is a feature that Instagram developed in direct competition to TikTok that allows users to create short 15 seconds videos with effects including music. Reels also has a dedicated section on the Explore tab on Instagram to make it easily accessible for use. Reels is a great feature mostly because it has short entertaining videos since users often come onto the app to binge. With short videos, a user can get through a lot of entertaining videos in a short time before they have to head back to their busy lives. Additionally, they can engage the content through comments and likes which will benefit the shareability of the content.

Collaborate With Others

Some things work best with more people or partners to collaborate toward a common goal. Instagram is no different. Businesses can collaborate with others such as other businesses and influencers that may already have miles of experience on the application than your business. Businesses can even take advantage of an Instagram growth service by the likes of Growthsilo, and many more. How so> many other businesses and influencers have a huge following which means a lot of people already trust their content and products. Leveraging that can help get word out to their followers who can in turn become your followers. Consider the difference between your close friend telling you about a product they enjoyed compared to a complete stranger doing the same. Influencers can help you create content relevant to followers or use their draw to advertise your product or service in their content.

Have a Posting Schedule

Considering a business can be tedious and demanding, you want to use your time and energy as efficiently as possible. Instagram allows businesses to do just that through scheduling features which allow you to create content in advance and schedule it to be posted automatically at specific dates and times. The content needs to have a consistent and regular posting schedule to allow the algorithm on Instagram to work to your advantage. The posting schedule will allow you to stay organised and allocate your time to more important business activities.

Post Relevant Content

Content is the name of the game but that is not enough for the growth of your account. Users on Instagram have different tastes in content that must be catered to if they will follow you. in order to learn what content works best, you can investigate relevant niches to your business. There, you will learn what kind of photos, videos and captions to use in order to create engagement around your content. After creating relevant content that follows specific themes, post consistently in order to keep your followers engaged. Since there is so much noise with other content, not posting consistently will put your account in the background of users’ minds and nobody wants that.


Instagram can help your business move to greater heights but there are some rules or tips for growth. An account that posts relevant content consistently, has a schedule, uses reels and collaborates with other businesses and influencers has a greater chance at growth than one that does not. When these tips are applied appropriately, your account will grow from being an ignorable business to one that users love to engage with and follow.

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