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MHW: Iceborne | Best Longsword Build Guide 2021


It is safe to say that you are new to the Longsword in MHW? Maybe you’re a prepared veteran looking for an edge after the most recent update? Whichever the case, the best Longsword Build work for MHW is essential in the event that you need to be serious.

With the best Longsword, each second of battle is lovely, elegant, and filled to the edge with moves propelled by the best anime sword sayings. The combos are basic yet deliberate — everything fills an interesting need, and the moves mix together for consistent and viable assaults. On the off chance that you haven’t attempted LS yet, I truly can’t suggest it enough.

The MHW: Iceborne to Complete Guide is certifiably not a troublesome decision to make. The weapon is easy to utilize and hard to dominate (actually like a ton of stuff in Monster Hunter). What’s more, that is reflected in what have become the most elevated harm managing alternatives for the Longsword Build. Since the weapon doesn’t stress over things like tunes, hindering, or ammunition, you’re genuinely allowed to zero in on harm. Thus we’ve selected the best Longswords in MHW as indicated by that classification! Peruse on to realize which ones they are and why in our most recent guide.

Here is an itemized direct on the best way to create a form with perhaps the most well known weapons in mhw black tornaria – The Longsword! I previously made the best Longsword Build to pick in Iceborne in this post. Drop by to have a brief glance at all the munititions stockpile.

MHW Iceborne Longsword Guide

Longsword Build

In Iceborne, Longsword Build  got another Sheathing position move where you put your Sword into the Sheath to plan for new assaults

  • Iai Slash – trigger by squeezing Triangle/Y/RMB during Sheathing Stance
  • Iai Spirit Slash – Trigger by squeezing R2/RT/? During Sheathing Stances

These new moves are currently utilized alongside the ordinary Spirit Slash combo for extra harm and fill the Spirit Gauge at a quicker rate. Iai Spirit Slash is additionally used to be an all the more impressive Counter Attack.

Best Longsword in MHW: Baseline

The Longsword is a balanced weapon with amazing reach and liquid combos. Its moves require almost no recuperation time and are intended to be tradable, which means you can undoubtedly avoid out of assault chains and resume battle without intruding on your stream. Its additional scope is extraordinary at slicing hard-to-arrive at parts, so it’s a superb decision in case you’re searching for a flexible scuffle weapon that offers nice crude harm and versatility.

All things considered, the Longsword’s genuine force lies in its Spirit Blade assaults, which help you bargain significantly more harm without forfeiting versatility. With that in mind, the MHW best Longsword Build abilities help you power up and hold your Spirit Gauge to support by and large harm.


Similar as the Switch Ax, the Long Sword’s flexibility implies that the best weapons offer genuine crude harm close by a balanced detail block. Weapons with intrinsic proclivity will be helpful for landing basic hits, and a high sharpness bar will guarantee your assaults don’t ricochet while you’re topping off your Spirit Gauge.

Presently, I understand the thing I said about needing weapons with natural fondness, yet the Fatalis Zaggespanon is simply too acceptable to even consider barring from this rundown. Its amazingly high harm is difficult to leave behind, and the two Level 4 adornment spaces offer a lot of freedom to compensate for the negative partiality.

I’ve referenced this in different aides, yet it bears rehashing that the Safi’jiiva weapons are a superb speculation in the event that you wouldn’t fret the crush. Every last one of the Safi’s Blade arrangement flaunts moderately high base details that can be improved with the utilization of Awakened Abilities. For the Long Sword, it’s a smart thought to put resources into valuable set rewards like Teostra Technique, just as broad increments to assault and sharpness.


From here, we should investigate the best abilities for a vigorous Longsword Build assemble. The LS truly sparkles when permitted to do higher harm in its controlled up mode. So zeroing in on abilities that help your general harm and basic possibility is an unquestionable requirement. There are additionally a couple of other accommodating abilities that exploit the weapon’s extraordinary moveset.

To start, Maximum Might is an extraordinary method to support your fondness when utilizing the Longsword. It’s an incredibly endurance light weapon. You’ll have the option to enact Maximum Might all the more regularly and exploit that higher basic possibility.

Putting resources into Evade Window encourages you exploit the natural insusceptibility. Incorporated into moves like the Foresight Slash. A couple of extra I-outlines on your incredible counter-move will guarantee you land. Your assault all the more effectively and easily change into your next chain. Evade Window stacks with your I-outlines, look at this supportive graph.

Best Longsword Build: Raw DPS

To commence our model forms, we’ll be zeroing in on a nonexclusive Longsword DPS assemble. It’s not much, however it’ll get you through generally solo and multiplayer chases without a lot inconvenience.

The set rewards are difficult to beat — preparing two pieces gives us Inheritance, and four pieces gives us Transcendence. The previous opens the ability covers for all expertise privileged insights, and the last gives us Razor Sharp/Spare Shot, in addition to a lift to wellbeing and endurance when starting a chase or subsequent to blacking out.

Best Longsword Build: Punishing Draw

Longsword Build

Next up is an all the more performance centered form. Staggering beasts is a useful system when you’re grinding away alone, and the Longsword Build. Draw assaults make it a magnificent possibility for a form revolved around Punishing Draw.

Since we’re actually utilizing a generally Fatalis set. We will have a similar set rewards as in the past. The lone thing that changes here is the Punishing Draw set reward from the Frostfang Barioth headpiece. Opening this expertise adds a daze impact and slight assault lift to draw assaults, making. It a lot simpler to KO a beast when flying performance.

The individual covering pieces will give us focuses into Critical Eye, Handicraft, Evade Window, and Weakness Exploit. With the expansion of the Challenger Charm V, our expertise list (before improvements) will resemble this:

  • Instigator 5
  • Basic Eye 5
  • Dodge Window 2
  • Handiwork 3
  • Shortcoming Exploit 3

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