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How brands can keep content fresh on social media


The introduction and rapid evolution of social media have caused an exciting commotion amongst those who are responsible for marketing decisions. Its value has been quickly recognized and widely adopted. Its exponential growth will quickly outdate the current statistic which indicates that 48% of the population uses some form of social media.

The associated costs will have a healthy impact on marketing budgets and ease of use and quick access to audiences are some of the vital advantages.

Rapid changes mean that social media managers need to stay on their toes if they want to tap into the newest trends. Followers will not be kept by erratically engaging with them. A versatile strategy, consistency, and creativity are your willing companions on this journey.

Use Influencers

More widely known as influencers, including a brand ambassador in your content pipeline has significant benefits. An influencer is an organization or person who is deemed to have expert knowledge or social influence in their field. An influencer derives an income from their specific role, by representing a brand successfully. Their selection will depend on their strong social following, which is a result of efforts related to relevance, reach, and engagement.

An influencer has unique access to prospective customers via their strong following. Every social media platform has influencer communities, and influencers actually make a living off of their popularity on social media. The latest trend is TikTok influencers, whose short videos are popular on other social media platforms too. They have massive followings, and they use various tactics to attract even bigger audiences. The most commonly used strategy is the use of a growth service, such as TokUpgrade. It is the world’s leading growth tool and for a good reason – their algorithm is designed to reach the most relevant users to ensure getting more real TikTok followers. That is how TikTok influencers achieve their goals quickly. The app is no longer just a platform for short videos, it has become an industry in and of itself with influencers making millions of dollars off their posts.

Do an Ask Me Anything

Consider including AMA’s in your content strategy. An “ask me anything”, is a type of social media post, interactive in nature, in which a brand representative answers consumer questions, usually in real-time. Remember, anything goes.

Key steps to facilitating your AMA include establishing a goal for your AMA, determine a topic and headline, have pre-written answers but be willing to provide impromptu answers, write an introductory post that includes info on the individual who will be answering questions. Approach this sincerely and your brand popularity will be rewarded.


Consumers relish the chance to win something. Creating a contest or giveaway will ensure a spike in engagement and if executed well, will derive long-term site traffic and will get you more followers. Crucial to the activity is creating and publishing a set of rules or terms and conditions for your contest. Similarly, the social media platform on which you are running the contest will have rules relating to this activity. Know what they are. Ensure that the process for entrants is easy and accessible. This includes the entry form. Make use of a third-party contest app if that best supports your needs. There are innumerable reasons why you might choose to host a contest. Perhaps you’re looking for a name for your product in its final stages of development. Ask. You’ll very likely find the perfect answer.

Customer Reviews

Prospective and returning customers rely heavily on the testimony of others. Seek this feedback from yours.  Enable display of these nuggets front and center on social media. You might ask a customer if you can publish their review via an individual social media post. If an excerpt of their review will likely draw greater attention, make sure you’ve advised of the abbreviated version usage. Where a platform offers a call-to-action button, activate it. Similarly, utilize review functionalities, where made available. Make sure your customer knows where they can submit their user experience. It would be deemed inappropriate practice not to do so.

How To’s

A tutorial is a way in which you can share knowledge with your customers about your brand, or a specific element thereof. An online tutorial made available via one of the social media platforms will require self-study by the participant. Tutorials may invite discussion, interaction, and debate on the topic via the platform utilized. You might record a video of your head designer, providing brief insights into how ideas for new products are determined, reveal the design process for your newest product, its unique selling points, and tools on its optimal use. Maximize the opportunity by highlighting elements of this process that may endear you further to your audience, e.g., efforts around the sustainability of raw materials used, etc.

You should not hope to retain loyalty via staid methods. A variety of social media platforms do exist. Through each, you certainly can connect with consumers old and new, in a multitude of high-impact ways.


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