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For Season 4, Halo Infinite changes the career progression to “Infestation.”


The release date for Halo Infinite’s fourth season, named “Infestation,” is set for June 20. One of the new additions is a method of advancement known as Career Ranks, which is completely free of charge. The Career Ranks system clearly draws its motivation from earlier entries in the Halo video game franchise, such as Halo: Reach and the Master Chief Collection. Each level is denoted by its own insignia and a title that sounds military, such as cadet, gunnery sergeant, and general, among others. Each individual rank is comprised of three distinct grades. In addition, there are various tiers of rankings for you to go through, ranging from bronze all the way up to onyx. For instance, despite the fact that both a Bronze Corporal and an Onyx Corporal have the same title, the Onyx-ranked player is in a far higher tier than the Bronze-ranked player.

Playing Halo Infinite allows you to advance in ranks; each completed matchmade game contributes to the overall progression of your rank. In addition, you can earn ranks simply by playing the game for a certain amount of time; but, if you have higher performance, you will rank up more quickly. There are no CSR requirements that must be met in order to achieve any particular rank. When the new progression system is introduced, your past play history will not be taken into account in any way.

For Season 4, Halo Infinite changes the career progression to "Infestation."

Your rank can be shown in a variety of different ways, both within and outside of games. Your profile will display what your current rank is. If you investigate a player’s username in a post-game Carnage Report, you will be able to view that player’s rank. When the camera pans over each Spartan on your team at the beginning of each game, their nameplates and ranks will be shown on the screen in that order. If your nameplate is visible to others, your rank will typically also be shown alongside it.