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Forspoken – How to Climb Higher


Forspoken has a huge open world with lots of details to explore. However, its high walls and sheer cliffs make exploration challenging for players unable to scale walls. With her magical parkour skills, Frey Holland can climb mountains in Forspoken. In reality, the game lets you ascend higher by granting you access to a unique set of abilities that raise your traversal height. You will learn how to rise higher in spoken in this article:

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Where to Find Leap

In Chapter 3, after Frey leaves the city of Cipal and ventures out into the open world, she uses the Leap spell. It can be found in The Barren Plains’ Mulberry Fount, a place resembling a fountain.

Forspoken - How to Climb Higher

After obtaining Leap, you can utilize Flow to scale a mountain quickly. You can now, however, get an additional jump if you simultaneously press the circle button and the L stick while in midair. You can reach the majority of early-game chests and gain more height by combining Leap and Flow.

How to Climb Higher

After overcoming the Forspoken Chapalania boss battle in Chapter 2, you are awarded Flow as your first magic ability. With this spell, Frey can run incredibly fast across the map. You can leap and climb over a lot of obstacles with this mechanic, but you’ll soon find that it’s insufficient to scale mountains and tall buildings.

Forspoken - How to Climb Higher

Fortunately, the Leap ability allows you to ascend higher. Leap is the first of these skills you can acquire; it’s unlocked in Chapter 3. Here’s a breakdown of the places these parkour skills can be found.

Forspoken - How to Climb Higher

How to Unlock Soar

The final wall-climbing spell is called Soar, and it’s locked in the Tanta Sila skill tree. Players must go to Rosewood Fount, which is located in the Water Garden directly to the right of Marveil Bridge, in order to unlock Soar.

Forspoken - How to Climb Higher

Traveling to Avoalet Castle Town in Chapter 7 of the main narrative, you can see the Marveil Bridge. When combined with Leap and Zip, Soar provides wall climbing with an extra boost, enabling players to scale any wall in the game effortlessly.


How do you get the zip ability in Forspoken?

You won’t need to use any mana to obtain the Zip spell because it will be automatically unlocked when you defeat Tanta Sila at the end of Chapter 5 and gain access to all of her magical powers.

What is the most powerful cloak in Forspoken?

The Unbroken cloak has three distinct buffs: like the Pereline cloak, critical hits also heal Frey’s health. Cuff counters and critical hits both accelerate the rate at which Surge magic recharges.

What is the best gear upgrade in Forspoken?

“To Thine Own Self Be True” is one of the best gear upgrades in Forspoken since it lengthens the duration of the buffs Frey applies to herself. This is a fantastic upgrade that ought to be placed on one of Frey’s gear items at all times due to the abundance of support spells that are available throughout the game.

Is there a max level in Forspoken?

You can level up Frey’s stats by exploring Athia, eliminating enemies, and advancing through the main plot until you hit the level cap at 99.

What difficulty should I play Forspoken on?

While each player will have a different preferred difficulty level in Forspoken, “Default” will probably work best for the majority of them.