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Forspoken – How to Block


In Forsppoken, battle system mastery is crucial, and using offensive magic repeatedly isn’t always the best course of action. In Forspoken, you will face numerous bosses and opponents in your role as Frey. Your Cuff, which is where Frey gets her power, will be there for you whenever you need it in the interim. This game promises an exciting trip filled with everything from destructive magical spells to stunning parkour skills. You will learn how to block in spoken in this article:

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How to Block

Oddly, this game lacks a button specifically for deflecting an opposing hit. Fortunately, Frey’s Cuff immediately deflects the assault, somewhat minimizing the damage. Fear not—there exists an alternative method for flawlessly thwarting an attack in Forspoken. The Shield Slot Spell must already be unlocked. The Shield Slot is an offensive Purple Magic Spell, often known as Frey’s Magic.

All you have to do is cast the Shield Slot spell on the magic triangle at the bottom right. When finished, press and hold the R2 button to activate a black shield. Holding R2 will cause the Shield to activate and stop all attacks in Forspoken in the interim. Release the R2 button, and the Shield will fly forward and smash into fragments.

Forspoken - How to Block

You have the ability to counter an enemy’s strike in addition to stopping it. To counter an opposing attack, simply wait for them to strike and press the Triangle button on the controller during that moment. It is advantageous because it will partially replenish health and deflect the adversary.

How to Counter Attacks

Since countering strikes in Forspoken demands incredibly exact timing, it is significantly more difficult than preventing them. Like in games like Elden Ring, players only have a little window of time to block an enemy attack while it’s charging. This timing gets significantly shorter on harder difficulties.

In Forspoken, players must hit the triangle button on a PlayStation controller precisely when the adversary is charging an attack in order to block it. Regretfully, attempting to counterattack by repeatedly pressing the triangle button while in combat will nearly never succeed.

Forspoken - How to Block

Players will need to keep trying to counterattack until they find the appropriate timing in this situation since practice makes perfect. The finest aspect is that you can recover some HP and knock the opponent back when you successfully counter an attack. If you can get the hang of this mechanic, you can win the game even on the toughest difficulty.

How to Use the Cuff Counter or Counter Attack

In Forspoken, the Cuff Counter, also known as the counterattack, is a defensive move that can come in handy. In essence, your own sentient armband, Cuff, has the ability to deflect opponent attacks on its own. But this is only possible occasionally. Furthermore, your character will still lose some HP because the damage is only partially mitigated.

All you have to do regarding countermeasures is wait for an adversary to try a strike, which Cuff would stop. Your character ought to have a golden shield flashing around it. When you see the prompt, which should display in the lower-left corner of your screen, press the “F” key. Your character will perform a Cuff Counter as a result, unleashing an area-of-effect (AoE) explosion that hits several nearby targets.

Forspoken - How to Block

Note that using a counterattack or the Cuff Counter isn’t always recommended or practical. The following are the circumstances that you should avoid:

  • Powerful assaults An enemy is preparing for a potent ability when they have a red cross or flash. This cannot be countered or blocked, for that matter. You won’t be able to use standard parkour dodges either, so you’ll have to run away if necessary.
  • strikes when you’re not paying attention The golden shield that surrounds your character has been broken, assuming Cuff has already parried a few blows. Since this is a guard break, any further damage will not be lessened.
  • Spells and attacks with a range – In general, you don’t want to be struck by spells or projectiles with a range. You’ll, at most, use your parkour dodge to stay out of trouble.
  • Auto-Evasion: Counterattacks in Forspoken would be pointless if you enabled Auto-Evasion under Gameplay Balance. With this setting, all opponent normal attacks are promptly evaded by Frey, leaving stronger/red flash abilities as the only thing to be concerned about.
  • Forspoken’s Last-Chance Block features a mechanism where Cuff can prevent a lethal blow from striking you. This Last-Chance Block does not result in a counter because you should try to avoid getting hit as much as possible when your guard is down. The gauge in the bottom-left corner of your screen will gradually refill, and a Killing Blow will also reload its internal cooldown.


How do you counter with shield in Forspoken?

After a hit, the golden shield that Cuff generates is visible and the shield counter hits Y. The purple magic does not come from the rock shield. In other words, take a hit, press Y before the golden shield vanishes, and make money. That is merely a barrier.

How do you unlock powers in Forspoken?

With nearly 100 spells to mix, Frospoken is expected to be a formidable opponent. Once you have enough Mana, you can use these spells. Leveling up, finishing Flashbacks, unlocking Locked Labyrinths, and approaching luminous Mana Pools throughout Athia are all ways to gain mana.

Can you change outfits in Forspoken?

You can change her outfit and choose from a variety of fashionable cloaks. Sure, they also increase your talents, but dressing solely based on stats can backfire. You also get to pick which spells you level up with.

What does purple magic mean in Forspoken?

Frey’s own magic, grounded on the earth element, is called purple magic. She also has access to their signature magic after killing a Tanta. For example, she will acquire fire-based magic after vanquishing Tanta Sila.

Is there a max level in Forspoken?

By exploring Athia, eliminating enemies, and advancing through the main plot, you can level up Frey’s stats until you hit the level cap at 99.