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How to Increase Population Cap in Company of Heroes 3


RTS and turn-based strategy are combined in Company of Heroes 3. Both single-player and multiplayer modes are available for play. Company is a campaign element in Company of Heroes 3. It is one independent unit that can move around the strategic map and communicate with other units, towns, and armies. You can learn how to raise the population cap in Company of Heroes 3 by reading this article:

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How to Increase Population Cap

Although Population Cap functions nearly exactly as it did in all previous Company of Heroes games, adding a turn-based dynamic campaign map in Italy gives Pop Cap a new significance. This means that Pop Cap functions differently in the dynamic campaign map and in real-time battles, which we’ll discuss below.

Dynamic Campaign Map

The amount of units you can field is represented by Pop Cap in the dynamic campaign set in Italy, but raising the cap has a different effect. Because they can be directly controlled on the dynamic map, ships and airplanes also contribute to the population.

Company of Heroes 3 - How to Increase Population Cap

The objective of this mode is to take control of harbors, which are coastal towns or cities indicated by an anchor symbol. Once you have control, you can use these positions to summon additional mechanized or infantry divisions.

Real-Time Battles

The core of the Company of Heroes 3 game is played in real-time battles, where Pop Cap sets the maximum number of units you can field at once. Each type of unit adds a certain population, which maxes out at 100. The current Pop Cap is visible next to the resources in the lower right corner of the screen.

It’s important to remember that a unit’s population does not correspond to the number of men in it; for example, a sniper unit can occupy six populations. In a real-time battle, like a skirmish, you must take control of strategic points on the map, represented by a circle with a dot inside of it, to increase your Pop Cap.

Company of Heroes 3 - How to Increase Population Cap

Once you’ve done this, you should receive a notification indicating that your Pop Cap has increased, enabling you to build or summon more units. Not all missions fall under this category, as they are scripted and usually grant you more Pop Caps upon completing specific goals.

What are the Problems with Population Cap

In Company of Heroes 3, every company has resource costs. Manpower, Munitions, Fuel, and Population Cap are the four (look for them in the lower right corner of the screen). The first three can be obtained by defeating opponents in combat and seizing key locations like depots. First, there is the issue of population cap.

Company of Heroes 3 - How to Increase Population Cap

Our experience allows us to tell you that, in most cases, you have sufficient funds to purchase a new business, but you lack the necessary population cap. The fact that you can only gain more “currency” by capturing ports makes it problematic. These are towns whose names have an anchor next to them.


Does Company of Heroes 3 have mod support?

Players can explore the Steam Workshop to find a compatible mod to play Company of Heroes 3 mods, and then choose it as a Skirmish or Custom match host in-game. Alternatively, players can choose to join a Custom match with a modified map, a modified game mode, a modified tuning pack, or all three selected.

How many battlegroups are there in Company of Heroes 3?

In Company of Heroes 3, the US Forces faction offers three distinct Battlegroups to choose from, which lets players concentrate on the faction’s flexible gameplay. Battlegroups can be unlocked with Command Points, which are a valuable resource that players must strategically allocate.

Who composed the soundtrack for Company of Heroes 3?

The first ones were the release trailers, which Benny Oschmann and Alex Pfeffer wrote. Benny went on to write the theme, and our group of composers, including Henning Nugel, Armin Haas, Alex Röder, Jochen Flach, and Matthias Wolf, with Tilman Sillescu in the lead, contributed to the other trailers and the remaining soundtrack.

How do you disband units in Company of Heroes 3?

Destruction is the only option. You can use attack ground with flame units to eliminate infantry from artillery pieces if you’d like. Recall that arty gets a range boost in vet 3, so if it can accumulate vet, it frequently returns to combat. Taking out your own units seems like a waste.

What is the best company in Company of Heroes 3?

With their abundance of anti-air, anti-vehicle, and anti-infantry tanks, the Afrikakorps can prove unbeatable against nearly any adversary. As the strongest faction in Company of Heroes 3, the Afrikakorps can be an unstoppable force for opponents who aren’t at the top of their game.

Can you pause in Company of Heroes 3?

In Company of Heroes 3, halting a single-player mission displays an action queue for every unit, enabling you to give commands so that will be executed once the pause is lifted.