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Fortnite New Battle Pass Reward ‘Ragnarok Skin’ is a Sight to Behold

Fawad Pirzada


Fortnite New Battle Pass Reward 'Ragnarok Skin' is a Sight to Behold

Fortnite is making the news for all the right reasons, since Season 5 released the game added plenty of new themes and features. One of them is the introduction of Viking theme with the introduction of Norse Mythology. A Scandinavian axe has also been teased from the trailer released before the launch of the new season which is available at highest XP as it is being called the game’s biggest reward yet.

Valhalla, We’re Coming!

The Legendary end of Asgard ‘Ragnarok’ skin will also be available as a reward for player who had reached the level 100 Battle Pass. Skin customization is also allowed which can be unlocked upon reaching that level. Achieving level 100 is not something that is easy as it requires plenty of time and sweat with approximately 130 hours to unlock every reward the game has to offer which is extremely tough.

After reaching level 100 one can unlock up to six different levels of armor and facial customization, weapons, and many more as one progresses further. By working according to their way a player can dress themselves as a battle-hardened Viking from a standard looking outfit at the beginning of the journey at level 1.

Levels and XPs

Level 1 look comes as a default and further progression detail is as follows:

  • Level 2 at 35000 XP
  • Level 3 at 75000 XP
  • Level 4 at 125000 XP
  • Level 5 at 250000 XP
  • Level 6 at 500000 XP

Other than the Viking edition which is clearly inspired by the popularity of Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are other Drift skins and looks available through the Battle Pass unlocked by achieving XP milestones. Other changes include a Terrain Kart for transportation and few changes in addition to the map are introduced. This Season 5 update has made the game extremely fun to play and has engaged the players to keep grinding themselves to achieve maximum XP.

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