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Prisoner Stage 3 Fortnite – How to Unlock


Unlock Prisoner Stage 3 Fortnite

You will receive Unlock Prisoner Stage 3 Fortnite outfit and related Padlock back bling but unlike other skins there are no XP points or clues about what actions need to occur in order for them to unlock new style phases. Unlock Prisoner Stage 3 Fortnite skin is the most sought-after outfit from those who love to dress up their character. For that reason, if you want to unlock this costume for your own use and enjoy it at its best form then opening Unlock Prisoner Stage 3 Fortnite requires completing 60 of weekly challenges or purchasing a key through Battle Pass Season 4.

The Sea of Thieves Ritual Skull outfit is a part of the Fortnite Snowfall Challenges in Season 8. If you have already opened this skin, then you might be wondering how to get it’s different styles and stages.

All things being equal, you need to finish secret difficulties to acquire these styles, and with the Fortnite Prisoner Stage 4 currently uncovered we’ve totally translated how to open the entirety of the Fortnite Prisoner skin stages.

Unlock Prisoner Stage 3 Fortnite: Battle Royale is currently accessible, and furthermore there’s a sort of account in this game at this point! A week ago any individual who had finished the essential weekly challenges were given access to the prisoner skin.

Or something to that effect. The fact being: Unlocking prison stage three fortnite; battle royale now available with an added bonus – one can make their own character on it as well!


Unlock Prisoner Stage 3 Fortnite

On the week 10 stacking screen – which you can open by finishing every one of the last week by week difficulties for season 7 – we can see our grizzled saint with his back to us before an open air fire.

Anyway, what’s the significance here for the Prisoner? All things considered, in the event that you re-institute the week 10 stacking screen by lighting a fire with the outfit prepared, this will make blazes flash up his arms, which is the way to open Unlock Prisoner Stage 3 Fortnite. In any case, you should be the one the light the fire. On the off chance that another person has effectively done it, you’ll need to pull out and get their first some other time for it to work.

Scavenged Campfires can be discovered everywhere, except, we’ll show you the Fortnite pit fire area from the stacking screen – it neglects the desert biome race track. At the point when you arrive, light the fire, and your skin ought to respond to demonstrate that it has been overhauled. The following is a guide and screen capture showing you where that is.

How The Prisoner stages work in Fortnite

In the new season of Fortnite, you can unlock a skin with 60 challenges completed. You’ll see how much progress you’ve made as it shows up on your Snowfall secret Battle Star areas screen.

Despite the fact that the game doesn’t publicize these, there are then three extra Prisoner styles to open. These are found by associating with explicit items on the guide. They are being delivered in waves – Prisoner stages – across numerous weeks, with three additional styles accessible altogether.

You just have until the finish of Season 7 to open them. So ensure you get round to them before the Season 8 delivery date moves around.

The Prisoner stage locations map

The Prisoner is a menacing looking skin with an ominous and dark feel. It’s not the most elegant, but it has some cool abilities that will be perfect for any player who loves to get up close and personal in games like Overwatch or Fortnite. The first stage of this character is unlocked by default while three other stages are available after leveling up through experience points on account level ups (XP).

The Prisoner Stage 2 location

To open The Prisoner’s subsequent style – recollect, the main stage is the default look. At that point initially prepare The Prisoner skin and visit Polar Peak.

In particular, you need to arrive at the upper-most floor. It’s most effortless on the off chance that you land on the rooftop and head down. The means until you arrive at a region with tables to the sides and a chimney on the back divider.

In the event that you are coming up starting from the earliest stage. Continue to climb the steps until you discover it. Examine the far work area, where you’ll locate a key. On the off chance that you have The Prisoner skin prepared, you can associate with it.

The Prisoner Stage 3 location

The Prisoner’s third style – or Unlock Prisoner Stage 3 Fortnite- is found in the desert zone of the guide. In particular, head to a mountain only north. Paradise Palms and find an open air fire near its edge on top.

While wearing The Prisoner skin, light up this fire while close by other players. See you do it if they’re not looking for clues like that! It’ll change your outfit into one with orange stripes across an otherwise black shirt and pants combo. You can easily tell when others get their prize warning towards the end as well without them telling you anything at all.

The Prisoner Stage 4 location

Unlock Prisoner Stage 3 Fortnite

The Prisoner Stage 4 area is in the north-east of the guide – up on a precipice toward. The north of Wailing Woods. At the south finish of the long precipice is a circle of lights on a stone floor.

Playing as the Prisoner with the Stage 2 and Unlock Prisoner Stage 3 Fortnite skins previously opened. The lights will illuminate when you step in them. From that point forward, the stage 4 skin will be opened. At that point that is it – each of the four Prisoner stages have been opened! Presently to time Season 8…

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