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Forza Horizon 5 Barn Finds and Locations


Truly got interested in racing and cars? Want to heat the road with your crazy driving skills? Then definitely Forza Horizon 5 is the best solution.  Forza Horizon franchise is one of the best video games producing companies. They fall into a racing category because all their games are based on driving and cars. The developers of Forza Horizon come to be Playground Games and publishers are Microsoft Studios. The year 2012 is marked as their production year.  Forza Horizon 5 is situated in the beautiful location of Mexico. 

What is The Barn in Forza Horizon 5?

In the whole Forza Horizon series, there is an option for Barn. The barn is the area where old cars are repaired and kept. You can extend your collection of cars by visiting the barns present in specific areas. Many barns in Forza Horizon 5 are 14 (plus one bonus) and the location can be found with the help of a map. You can enjoy the beauty of Mexico while driving around looking for barns. The barn consists of old, classical, and prime models of cars, which might seem old to some people but for cars’ addict people, they are treasures. Well in this game there is a huge twist, that is it does not tell you which car is present in the specific barn. So you got to find it yourself. 

Spotlight of this Edition: The Gifting System

A new feature added to this version is the GIFTING SYSTEM. Older versions of this franchise had no option for giving old, useless cars to anyone, but this fifth one is adding this effect to its software. This is the gifting system where futile cars are given out for free. The process of this giveaway is that you have to list cars to the Auction House where the new players and needy one can get them. You can even attach a message with this car, maybe a tip or something. 

For giving out a car in the gifting, you should have at least completed one barn, then you will be capable. 

What Have These Barn Got?

While playing the game, you can find the barn locations with your radio system or you can get the information through your NPC friends. Now we will talk about the different barn find you would be searching for:

The 14 Findings plus Bonus, we will list the names of the cars only:

  • A Vocho Car 
  • A Ford Racing Car
  • A GMC Jimmy Car Barn 
  • A Dodge Dart Car
  • A Jaguar Sports Car
  • A Renault 4L Car
  • A Ferrari 250 GFO Car
  • A Ferrari F40 Car
  • A Ford F-100 Car
  • A Ford Mustang Car
  • A Toyota Truck 
  • A Porche Car
  • A BMW Turbo Car
  • A Dodge Viper 
  • A Chevrolet Car

Where are these Barn in Forza Horizon 5?

Throughout the Forza Horizon game, you would have this question in mind that where would I find these barns with the classic cars. Man! That’s the mission of this game. You have to do all of this yourself. The map might help you. 

Locations of These Barns

We will talk about it one by one for your convenience:

  • Location of the Vocho Car:

While playing the game, you would be given a mission known as “Vocho Horizon Story”, and by completing this you would have the capability to unlock this antique. For your information, Vocho is one of the favorites of Mexican people. 

  • Location of the Ford Racing Car:

The location of this barn is near the volcano. This volcano is called Volcan, situated on the lands of Caldera. Once you have completed your mission of this car, it will be available in your garage after a while. 

  • Location of the GMC Car:

Moving towards the South, you can get the location of this barn. It is approximately located to the South of the Ruins of Atlantes.  

  • Location of the Dodge Dart Car:

In the Southern area, you can find this barn, Cordillera, east location Teotihuacan. 

  • Location of the Jaguar Sports Car:

Aerodromo En La Selva is the place where you can find this sporty relic and that is the South-East corner. 

Other car locations:

  • Location of Renault 4L Car:

Going towards the North-West of the map of Mexico, you get access to this barn. This is the area between Volcano Caldera and Dunas Blancas. 

  • Location of the Ferrari 250 Car:

Los Jardines, the eastern coast, is where you can find this barn find. 

  • Location of the Ferrari F40 Car:

Go towards the South-East, North of Pantano De La Selva, and get access to this car. 

  • Location of the Ford F-100 Car:

The central area of Mexico is where you would get this barn. Go towards the Drift Zone, south of Tierra Prospera. 

  • Location of Ford Mustang:

Moving towards North, alongside the wider road, in the west region of a famous hotel, you get this thing. 

  • Location of Toyota Truck:

On the western coast of Mexico, you get this car. 

  • Location of the Porche Car:

Above the Colinas Aridas, and La Gran Caldera if taken the east direction then you can reach this point and capture this car from the barn. 

  • Location of the BMW Car:

Found in the North of the map of Mexico, northwest of Guanajuato. 

  • Location of the Dodge Viper:

If you are in the South region, then definitely you can have access to this beauty. The central region of Gran Pantano is its location. 

  • Location of the Chevrolet Car:

On the east coast of Mexico, near Pantano, you can achieve the Chevrolet.  Once you find the barns and get the car, head towards the garage to have a look! 

Winding up, these were the locations of the Barn Finds and what they have as their hidden secrets. All the secrets are revealed, so you have a good time playing the racing game. Thanks to those who have had the experience and shared it with us.