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Destiny 2 Niobe Labs Guide: The Final Black Armory Forge


Niobe Labs Guide

Fortunately, the local area joined together indeed and the Niobe Labs puzzle has been tackled. The Community Niobe Labs Guide, reported over the course of the end of the week that a piece of information was absent for the Level 7 riddle and that was most likely the motivation behind why nobody could settle it.

Destiny 2: Black Armory’s Niobe Labs Guide will likely go down as perhaps the most troublesome exercises in all of Destiny history. Its first fulfillment, yet to occur, is ensured to take longer than any Raid in the arrangement, remembering Vault of Glass for Destiny 1 and Forsaken’s Last Wish.

The Niobe Labs puzzle stays incomplete as players actually scramble to open its secrets. We’ll refresh this guide with future strides when they’ve been found!

Destiny 2 players have at long last settled Niobe Labs Guide and we’re here to walk you through the entire riddle through Niobe’s Torment sidestep level seven. Bank Job Destiny 2, we’re barring battle tips and zeroing in on the genuine riddle part of the mission. To have the most obvious opportunity at finishing everything, your group ought to be near 650 Power and have all Black Armory Forge weapons including the Sniper, Bow and Machine Gun.

How to access the Niobe Labs

The Niobe Labs puzzle is situated in the Sojourner’s Camp area of the EDZ, which is directly at the lower part of the guide.

We’ve installed a video by wG on Xbox which shows you precisely where to discover the passage and get breaking on with every one of the riddles.

Where is Niobe Labs?

The principal thing you’ll need to do is find Niobe Labs Guide, and we have a guide for that here. Once there, you’ll go through certain adversaries till you’re at last halted in a huge room. This is the place where the riddle addressing starts and your mental stability closes.

Finding Niobe Labs in Destiny 2

The primary test is discovering the spot, which isn’t set apart on any accessible guide. This region is situated in the Outskirts in the EDZ, close to Sojourner’s Camp. Travel toward the south from that point until you arrive at a wrecked scaffold – hop that gorge and continue to go until you discover a cavern. Inside, Niobe Labs is standing by. You can discover more explicit bearings to the spot in the video underneath.

There are foes here, obviously – whenever you’ve dispatched them, begin searching. For images that are everywhere on the dividers and columns in the room. There are a ton of these, and you can possibly see them when you’re glancing through the extent of a Black Armory weapon. There are maps accessible for the room, similar to this one:

Activating Niobe’s Torment

To begin the real movement, you need to address your first riddle. You should shoot three images in the right request with the right weapon. The request is as per the following:

  1. Fire Rock with the sharpshooter rifle
  2. Shoot Wind with the bow
  3. Fire with the automatic weapon

After this, every player needs to play out a more confounded shooting succession. You can do these each in turn, or at the same time in the event that you like.

Sniper Rifle

  1. Remain on Tiger. Shoot Fish, Lotus, and Temple.
  2. Remain on Dragon. Shoot Arch, Rabbit, Bamboo, and Temple.
  3. Remain on Fish. Shoot Lotus.

Niobe Labs Guide

Machine Gun

  1. Shoot Storm
  2. Remain on Moon. Shoot T, +, H, R, E, B, F, L, U, +.


  1. Remain on Wind. Shoot Paper twice.
  2. Remain on Sun. Shoot Paper, Rose, Water.

On the off chance that you’ve done the entirety of that accurately, a blue switch will show up in the room. When you press it, you’ll bring forth Siviks, the fundamental trouble maker from the Black Armory story crusade. Arrangement enough harm to him to make him escape, and Niobe’s Torment will start.

Niobe’s Torment

This whole action incorporates 7 levels, called Bypasses. Each Bypass comprises of a riddle like the one that you did to initiate the room, just as battle against floods of foes that you should kill before you can proceed. Significant adversaries will ceaselessly bring forth extra foes until they are dispatched.

A few foes and mines are furnished with safeguard Destiny 2 One Small Step like the ones found in different fashions – these must be brought down before the foe they ensure can be killed. Likewise, note that the Fish image has an odd hitbox, so ensure that you’re looking for the molecule impact before you shoot it.

On the off chance that this mission wasn’t at that point sufficiently hard, there is a secret clock running while you do it. On the off chance that you don’t finish a Bypass sufficiently quick, an enormous laser seems to clear out your whole group. Best of luck!

Bypass Level 1

  • This one is quite basic. The automatic weapon client needs to remain on Hand and shoot B, U, T, T, E, R, F, L, Y.

Bypass Level 2

  • The assault rifle client needs to remain on Hand. Shoot Fire and Cloud.
  • The expert rifleman needs to remain on Fish. Shoot Rabbit and Lotus.

Bypass Level 3

This is the place where it begins getting truly Niobe Labs Guide. A Servitor will erect a divider that parts the room fifty-fifty; you need to kill it to bring the divider down and proceed. This level additionally requires every one of the players to shoot images all the while, so ensure you’re speaking with one another.

  • Sharpshooter: Stand on Dragon. Shoot Bamboo.
  • Bow: Stand on Wind. Shoot Water.
  • Automatic weapon: Stand on Star. Shoot Fire..

Bypass Level 4

This room will be parted once more, so ensure you take out that Servitor. Mines are likewise going to produce; you need to remain under them to stop them. Fortunately any player can finish the riddle: you should simply shoot Wings and F, L, and Y while airborne.

Bypass Level 5

This level requires a ton of correspondence between players. Start by having the player with the bow remain on Butterfly, the player with the sharpshooter rifle remain on Fish, and the automatic weapon player remains on Hand. Shoot images in the accompanying arrangement:

  • Automatic rifle: A, T
  • Expert marksman: Bamboo
  • Bow: Paper, Waves, Tree
  • Expert marksman: Arch, Rabbit
  • Automatic rifle: L, R
  • Expert marksman: Arch, Lotus
  • Assault rifle: S, D
  • Expert rifleman rifle: Lotus
  • Bow: Rose, Heart

Bypass Level 6

This level is a decent piece of effortlessness before the last Niobe Labs Guide. The player with the bow needs to remain on Butterfly and shoot Tree more than once.

Bypass Level 7

Infuriatingly, this last riddle tosses the mechanics of the past puzzles out the window and expects players to shoot images with ordinary weapons that do a specific harm type, in spite of the way that you can just see these images through the extent of a Black Armory weapon. The procedure here is to track down the suitable images with your Black Armory weapon and afterward change to the next weapon to shoot. We should trust that your point is acceptable.

For this riddle, have your automatic rifle client prepare a Solar weapon, the bow client prepare an Arc weapon, and the expert sharpshooter prepare a Void weapon.

Solar Weapon (Machine Gun)

Remain on Hand. Shoot +, U, L, F, B, E, R, H, +, T.

Arc Weapon (Bow)

  1. Remain on Butterfly. Shoot Trees and Paper.
  2. Remain on Sun. Shoot Heart twice, Trees, and Wings.

Void Weapon (Sniper)

  1. Remain on Tiger. Shoot Fish, Lotus, and Temple.
  2. Remain on Dragon. Shoot Arch, Rabbit, Bamboo, and Temple.

Congrats! You and your group have authoritatively finished the most intricate and troublesome Niobe Labs Guide in Destiny history! Regardless of whether you utilized this guide to help you, it’s anything but a major accomplishment, and you ought to be pleased. The award for completing this stage is an Exotic apparition shell and a Black Armory token. Head on down into the Bergusia Forge from here and make the most of your plunder!

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