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Full Guide on Beatland Roblox Event 2022 – Get Free Items


In this T-mobile beatland accessories and items guide we will guide you through how to get most of the prizes. Some of the stuff in this event does cost robux and some of other stuff can be achieved for free. There are so many items that you can get by collecting the beatland coins so lets get started.

Though the very first thing that you can do to get beatland coins is that you run around the map and collect them. Second thing that you can do is jobs which will make you earn coins faster in terms of your salary.

If you want to get prizes fast then just get a job and work don’t waste time in collecting coins around the map.

The very first tip in this game to get free items is to do the record worker job (in the shop that has frog hat). Though it pays bad but everything is super close by which makes it bit faster. You will get all the free items in an hour by doing so.

Don’t buy the bouncer job as it is the most broken job of them all and it costs 300.

Though record worker job has better salary which gives 4 times more coins then the waiter job but the waiter job has still little bit of advantage.

As get to work in the same area, all the tasks is at the same area, in my opinion its good for grinding coins because you don’t really need to go far from the same spot.

Here is What You can do to fix the glitch (small x above your head)

Jobs glitch a lot just leave the job (with the small x above which is above your head when you are doing a job then You need to go back to the job, In the beggining it may not fix so just repeat this. Untiil it get normal again). Also add people in the server as it gives you more coins you can just return them after you done.

Also keep in mind that you are willing to spend your time doing jobs. But to get these items you will need quite a bit of coins 2200 to be exact so you are going to pay at the end.
Also peace sign and the boombox are good maybe even the dance is a better option but it all depends on how much patience you have. So in this event you would need to spend your energy to get your jobs done and collect your salary in terms of beatcoins. In T-mobile beatland event there is a lot more that you can do and get all the skins for free.