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GamCare Begins Women Support Programme


No matter how lucrative the industry of gambling might seem, it definitely has its own disadvantages. One might get flattered with all the money that it supposedly offers, but there is a dark reality involved as well.  The UK has seen a rise in the number of harms that have been caused solely due to gambling. To cope up with this issue and offer a bit of solace to the ones in toil, GamCare came off as a great respite in the year 1997 and was formed by SENSE to alleviate the stresses caused by gambling. 

Not only that it even provides useful tools to gambling industries as well as they do have moral obligations. In a recent study in the year 2006, it was seen that only 3% of addicts had received care.  The major aim was to support any individual who was under the forte of any kind of gambling discrepancies. It was known to provide free information and support to anyone who was in dire need of the same.

The Recent Initiatives from GamCare

Recently, it was decided that GamCare will continue the specific women-centric support program. It is a dedicated program only for women and looks majorly to alleviate those who are facing distress due to gambling. It is popular among women who are looking for the answer on how to get around GamStop self-exclusion and require additional help. This program was launched keeping in mind the guidelines as released by the NHS. 

How Does the GamCare Women Support Program Work?

There is a prevalent myth that only men gamble and hence there are numerous support groups to support them. When the number of options for women seemed to be in the doldrums, GamCare came up with this program. The covid 19 Pandemic has no doubt rendered havoc and there are ample women who have faced enough losses in this situation. GamCare’s workbook and self-guided programs came as a ray of sunshine and instilled hope. Under this scheme, the participants can improve their conditions but at a steady pace.  Even chat rooms, as well as call numbers, were created to cater better. 

One has to realize that gambling is a problem that equally hampers both men as well as women. But the problem here lies that the number of support schemes for men is exorbitantly high when compared to the women schemes. Also, there is a stereotype that women “should not gamble“. 

This is what serves as the root cause and causes all the more anxiety to the concerned people. In the United Kingdom alone, in 2020, there were 1.4 million gambling addicts. The chatroom by GamCare will have professionals who will assist the participants in the most professionalized way. There is a high chance that women will have anxiety issues as well and catering to those problems will be of uber importance. Another aspect of the program is that by sharing these experiences, one can also make others aware. It reduces the risk factor and allows everyone to make more sensible choices. 

Do We Need More Programs Like the Ones Launched by GamCare?

GamCare has been a pioneering institution and for some time now has done exemplary work when it comes to providing support and mental health curing. There is no doubt that the support groups should become more gender-neutral and everyone should be given equal opportunities. But the major challenge is that most often women do not find it very comfortable to share in front of men. 

The physical distance between people has now been reduced with the help of the ample number of technological advancements. In such a situation it is a bit easier to reach out and help people. This is what GamCare has put into the best use. Till now, they have catered to so many women and helped them get a new insight. 

Hence, the women support the program by GamCare aims at:

  • Providing a non-judgmental zone for better communication.
  • Professional help in case of severe mental trauma.
  • Reaching out to more women in spite of the economical and physical distance. 
  • Removing the stigma and helping more women realize that coming out of gambling is not impossible. 

Concluding Thoughts

The risks for gambling are manifold, particularly because now it has a digital platform as well. In such cases, GamCare is a great confidante as it makes women aware of the risks and also extends full-fledged support in case of any rising discrepancy. After all, it is only when you extend a helping hand that the world seems worthwhile.

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