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Gangs of Sherwood – Where to Find Blood Poppies


Gangs of Sherwood features a thrilling primary plot as well as several fascinating side missions. To complete this extra mission, players must acquire five Blood Poppies, which are flowers that blossom in Nottingham’s trenches. With the use of this guide, which details the precise locations of those flowers, players can accomplish the Gangs of Sherwood sidequest, There Are No Winners in War. The locations of blood poppies in Sherwood’s gangs will be delineated in this section.

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Where to Find Blood Poppies

If players search for Blood Poppies, they should focus on Act 3’s first task, The Siege of Nottingham. More precisely, action game players should pass the second checkpoint in that level to go to a part where they have to turn on a generator.

Gangs of Sherwood - Where to Find Blood Poppies

Players will engage in combat in an open area throughout this segment. Once all adversaries have been eliminated, they will be rewarded with a brief cutscene that centers on a siege tower. That open area contains the Blood Poppies that must be collected for the There Are No Winners in War sidequest. The Robin Hood series players should interact with the red flowers in the positions shown in the pictures below.

Gangs of Sherwood - Where to Find Blood Poppies

In the Siege of Nottingham, players are free to engage with the Blood Poppies as often as they choose. As a result, players only need to find five different blooms in the level because they may harvest all the Blood Poppies they require from a single plant. This makes Josephine’s request fairly simple to fulfill, and after they have the Blood Poppies, players should visit her in Major Oak to finish the There Are No Winners in War sidequest.

Gangs of Sherwood - Where to Find Blood Poppies

Finally, it should be noted that players can finish this sidequest without having to finish the main Siege of Nottingham assignment. If cooperative gamers don’t want to finish the objective, they can easily utilize the Exit tab of the menu to go back to Major Oak as soon as they acquire five Blood Poppies.


How many people can play Gangs of Sherwood?

An exciting action game for one to four players, Gangs of Sherwood is set in the reinvented world of Robin Hood.

Is Gangs of Sherwood a co op?

Gangs of Sherwood, a sci-fi-flavored spin on the legend of Robin Hood, is a story-driven cooperative action game for up to four players, according to Nacon and developer Appeal Studios. It is available now.

Is Gangs of Sherwood worth it?

Ultimately, Gangs of Sherwood yields to its shortcomings. The main reasons the game isn’t better than mediocre are repetitive elements and bad design choices. I suggest holding off on playing the game until there is a significant discount if gamers are determined to start right away.

Who are the characters in Gangs of Sherwood?

The game features four playable characters: Little John, Friar Tuck, Maid Marian, and Robin of Locksley. Anybody who knows the story of Robin Hood will realise that each of these is a parody of a character from the mythology.