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Gangs of Sherwood – All Playable Characters


The characters you manage are just as crucial as the gameplay in four-player cooperative games such as Gangs of Sherwood. We all hope that the Merry Men can hold their own against the crews from the Left 4 Dead video games. As a cooperative game, Gangs of Sherwood probably requires you to decide who plays which character. Each, after all, offers a distinct skill set to the game and is probably more appropriate for a particular playstyle. This piece will clarify for you Every character that can be played in Sherwood’s Gangs:

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All Playable Characters

In Gangs of Sherwood, there are four playable characters, each with special skills. Despite having very varied playstyles, they are all more effective when they complement the movements of their teammates. Additionally, each character can mix and equip “shards” that can drastically alter gameplay. They swap hard-won gold for abilities that increase effectiveness.

Little John

Little John’s mechanical arm and past as a royal knight combine to make him an incredibly strong attacker with both melee and ranged skills. With the use of a lethal laser beam, players will be able to eliminate opponents at a distance, toss them into traps, and execute grab assaults to position targets precisely where they are needed—that is, assuming they are still alive at that point.

Gangs of Sherwood - All Playable Characters

Robin Hood

Since he is the main character, Robin Hood will probably be chosen by many gamers at initially. With his trick arrows, this legendary archer can disrupt the dynamics of the battlefield and take down opponents from a great distance. These arrows include twin strikes, high-damage arrows, lethal headshots, and shots that can breach those bothersome shields.

Gangs of Sherwood - All Playable Characters

Maid Marian

Maid Marian, the gang’s assassin, is ready to murder the Sheriff of Nottingham, her father. She is a versatile fighter because she can launch both close-quarters and long-range assaults.

Gangs of Sherwood - All Playable Characters

With her Thrust strikes, she can move quickly and easily across the battlefield while also wielding a retractable chain sword and throwing daggers. When it comes to stealth, melee, or ranged combat, Maid Marian is a formidable opponent.

Friar Tuck

Friar Tuck is not to be taken lightly simply because he is a monk. Even while he may prioritize healing and support above heroics like Little John, Robin Hood, and Maid Marian, this just serves to highlight his importance in combat.

Gangs of Sherwood - All Playable Characters

As was already mentioned, Friar Tuck has three abilities: he may increase damage, heal players with his mead, and use his enormous weapon to generate shockwaves or fire pillars. After all, he’s not only there to comfort and support you.


Is Gangs of Sherwood single player?

The Robin Hood universe is the setting for the cooperative action game Gangs of Sherwood, which may be played by one to four players.

Who are the bad guys in Sherwood?

In the first season of Robin of Sherwood, the Sheriff of Nottingham, also known as Robert de Rainault, is the primary antagonist; in the second and third seasons, he takes on a more significant role as an antagonist. Nickolas Grace played the role.

Who was guilty in Sherwood?

Boyer entered a guilty plea to the charge and was first placed in jail; but, due to serious mental health problems, he was eventually placed under an indefinite hospital order. The court heard about his delusions, which claimed Frogson was out to get him.

Is Robin Hood from Sherwood?

He was a North Country man, for sure, with his customary haunts as an outlaw in Sherwood Forest and a seaside haven at Yorkshire’s Robin Hood’s Bay. Robin and Little John are said to have engaged in a friendly archery competition in a well-known tale about Robin, which takes place in Whitby, Yorkshire.

Who was the real Robin Hood?

Most historians came to the conclusion that there was most likely no single individual in the historical record who inspired the popular stories since Hunter and other 19th-century historians found several different records related to the name Robin Hood.